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The Still *NSYNC Network

Still *NSYNC is more than just a fan site comprised of  randomly tossed out information about the Fab Five, our favorite Boys, *NSYNC. Our goal is to connect with fans — and connect fans together — via social media and the internet by creating a space where fans can come to one place for the latest news all over the web. To do this, we created a network:

Still*NSYNC.com : What we call the “main site” or home page. Most news and information flows through and is stored here. All posts are categorized by *NSYNC era (Euro, Debut, NSA, Celeb, and Post!Sync, which is basically anything past Celebrity). Users can search by keyword, tag or view posts by Era.

Still *NSYNC Facebook Fan Page: Almost 500 600 900 members strong and growing! Most main page posts are fed through this page, as well as extras like videos and photos that we may not post on the main page, so as to reduce clutter. The Facebook has been a great place for fans to connect and reminisce.

Still *NSYNC on Twitter: The ultimate in social media, twitter has allowed fans to reconnect with their favorite boy band and unashamedly participate in the #dorklove that is known as the *NSYNC fandom. We gain more Superfans who love the Boys every day!

Still *NSYNC Photo Gallery: A growing collection of photos and scans from each era of *NSYNC’s career, from Pre-sync (yeah there’s some MMC love for ya!) through the Hiatus and the last CFTC.