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NSA2011: Dear *NSYNC…

It’s about that time, Superfans!

We want to make sure that each person has ample time to craft and perfect their letters, so we are announcing the official launch of our NSA2011 project!

How this works:

You write a letter to *NSYNC.

You send the letter to us.

We post it.

That’s it…  I mean…. that’s it!


Your letter should be no longer than 500 words. We won’t tell you what to write, but it should basically describe your feelings about the members, the music, the experience. If you’ve ever wanted to write a letter to your favorite pop group, you now have the chance to tell them what they mean to you.

Please take your time and carefully edit your letter. Once it is submitted, it will be read for clarity. Any errors in spelling will be corrected. Please be sure to include a WORKING email address, in case we have any questions!

Letters must be in English. If English is not your first (or best) language, please let us know and we can locate someone to translate for you.  Please do not let the language restriction stop you from sending a letter!

If you plan to submit pictures, please upload them to tinypic/photobucket/other photo hosting site and include the links so we can pick them up. Photo limit is TWO!

Photos will be resized to fit the page. If, for some reason we can’t use the photos, we will let you know. Due to space limitations, we cannot post your favorite photos of *NSYNC. Please do not send photos unless you’re in them!

Spread the word! This only works if we have a large number of letters to post! If you know *NSYNC fans, make sure they know about our project! We’ll be adding some “downloadables” for you to link to/post on your blogs and Livejournal/Dreamwidth/websites. Stay tuned to this page!

To submit your letter, you can:

  1. Send it via email to  DearNsync [at] stillnsync.com
  2. Use the Contact Us form right here on the Still*NSYNC website.
Please make sure to note if you do/do not want us to use your name!

Deadline: Saturday, March 19, 2011

Got questions?