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Credit & Thanks

We could have never done it on our own. With much appreciation and gratitude, Still*NSYNC.com would like to give credit and thank the following:

Justin, Chris, Joey, Lance and JC… without whom this might have been a BSB fan-site instead. (I kid! I kid!)

WordPress.org & Cristy at DaxterStudios.com (creator of our original theme) …. for making our vision a reality.

To Eva, Joanne, TeArra, Robin, Stephanie, and Brittany - for doing the most awesomest jobs ever as owners of fan sites and SN Affiliates! We’re big fans and are so grateful for all the time and dedication you spend to provide us with such amazing fan-sites.  Always stay *NSYNC!

To Hollie, Stephanie, Sammi, Vikki, and Vicki – the biggest fans that so happily agreed to write our fabulous bios. God must have spent a little more time on you – no, really.

To CanalBaby who has spent tireless hours compiling the Chronology and gave Still *NSYNC permission to use her work. Thank you!

To the *NSYNC album jackets that included the lyrics.

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