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About Us

December 5, 1998

Do you remember where you were, that day?

Maybe like many future fans, you were at home, flipping through channels, looking for something to watch. Maybe you passed by the Disney channel, and something told you to turn it back, because on the screen was something mesmerizing and entertaining and charming and… cute. Five young men singing and bouncing around the stage, engaging the crowd with perfect five part harmonies stacked with silky voices, accentuated by funky dance moves, all in synchronized rhythm.

We had just met *NSYNC.  In a way, life would never again be the same.

Like millions of other US fans, that’s where it began, this crazy little thing we call fangirling. For others in Germany, Sweden, Budapest, Austria, etc, the love began in the years before we met them, when *NSYNC was shiny and new, cutting their teeth on the music industry and earning their chops as stage performers, superstars, sex symbols. They learned lessons in losing privacy and being extracted from a crowd of screaming fans, and working nonstop on no sleep—only to return to the US and build it all over again.

Over the years of their union, *NSYNC made some music, toured some countries, sold some albums, won some awards, made history (twice), and even committed some fashion sins. Despite their monumental, overwhelming success, they were human, real, down-to-earth, and likeable.  A meld of brotherhood and chemistry that continues to this day birthed the same among fans. Many a friendship, a sisterhood and a bond were formed over the *NSYNC fandom, creating a following that is still strong and very loyal.

Today,*NSYNC is all grown up. They’re off on their own, ‘Doing their thing and doing it well’. In the wake of the entire experience are the memories- the hits, the tours, the “merch” (Justin Timberlake pillowcase, Lance Bass lip balm, anyone?), the never-ending joy that came from hearing the first strains of the *NSYNC sound come out of the radio (Dirty Pop, it’s not a trend).  Time moves quickly when you’re a fan of a SuperGroup like *NSYNC, and there was hardly time back then to squeal over the newest release, the latest toy, the most recent photo shoot. Now that there’s time to celebrate and remember and savor the moments, the fans lacked a place to do so, to unabashedly proclaim to still be a Superfan, to be still nsync.

So, here it is.  A labor of love years in the making, created by fans, for fans,  dedicated to one of the biggest acts in pop music history and lovingly jam packed with the little details that made them great—the award winning, chart topping, record breaking, still influential Male Pop Vocal Group *NSYNC.

This site is for that fan that still listens to the debut album. Who still calls the radio station to request Girlfriend. Who likes to look back at years past and view their lives through the filter of how much fun it all was. More than that, this site is about the fan that forgot, the fan that thought they outgrew *NSYNC, the fan that wants to remember, again.

Stillnsync.com is a living fan letter to our favorite group.

The ride was amazing. Thank you for the memories.

Bringin’ it ‘till the end,