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Wondering why we have a fan-site for a boyband about a decade too late? Maybe you don’t quite understand what Still Nsync is really about. And no, its not a nifty title for a reunion petition. Please click and read.

We’ve made looking back a bit easier by adding an Archives page! This is an archive of all posts here at StillNYSNC, organized by year, then month, then day. No more scrolling page by page or desperately searching by tag!

Our thank you’s to a lot of people who helped make this site possible. Seriously, did you think we did this all on our own? No way! Oh, and we’ll probably be adding to this page often, very often.

Our brethren, the Top listed help us keep tabs and do an awesome job at it. Interested in being affiliates? We are too! Please contact us so we may discuss.

  • How to contact us:

Questions, comments on the site, suggestions and all other site communication can be conducted via our CONTACT US form. As well, if you wish to be a Still Nsync affiliate, please submit your request and site information via this form. Guidelines for affiliates are being developed and will announced when complete.

  • How to submit materials to us:

Still ‘Nsync is a fan site– for fans, by fans. Throughout their career, ‘Nsync produced a mountain of media (photos, videos, articles, merchandise) affectionately dubbed ‘NCrap. If you have ‘NCrap that you do not see represented on this site, please consider providing a photo of your merchandise, a copy of your scans or photos, or an upload of your video. If required, we will provide full credit. Unfortunately, duplicates of materials and low quality examples cannot be used, however we do thank you for your submission and enthusiasm! Please use the SUBMISSIONS FORM and provide a detailed description of your item, as well as a link to where the item has been uploaded, so we can retrieve it. SN does NOT provide an upload link.

For extremely high quality, very rare, or items or materials large in size, please use the contact form and ask an Administrator to get in touch with you regarding your submission!

  • SN Policy on Commenting:

We welcome fans to use every corner of this site, including commenting on entries and sharing  *NSYNC memories. Comments are open and un-moderated, so long as there is no need for moderation. This space is provided for squeeing, loving, and conversation. Please do not use the comments to debate, argue, submit links to your own website (if you want to be an affiliate, use the Contact Us form), spam or flood the website (defined as more than one post of the same nature or intent). Vulgar, distasteful and otherwise mean comments will be removed, including ‘Anti *NSYNC statements. Users who repeatedly use the comments for these purposes will be banned from commenting on this site.

  • Promotion

This site is as much yours as it is ours, so if you’d like to add a promotional banner we’d appreciate it very much. Please be sure to link it to the main page – http://www.stillnsync.com