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  • *NSYNC Timeline – January 2000 *NSYNC stopped by a tattoo parlor in Honolulu, Hawaii and got another kanji tattoo on their ankles (except for JC)….
  • *NSYNC Timeline- February 2000 YM Magazine has special FuManSkeeto promotion and contest….
  • *NSYNC Timeline- March 2000 Wonderful World of Disney aired “Model Behavior” (with Justin), filmed in Toronto in 1999….
  • *NSYNC Timeline- April 2000 Tonight Show with Jay Leno and performs Bye Bye Bye. Justin posed with a brick of butter, supposedly his new nickname….
  • *NSYNC Timeline- May 2000 ‘NSYNC weighs in on Eminem track: Boy band kingpins ‘NSYNC also feel the sting of Eminem, as the rapper….
  • *NSYNC Timeline- June 2000 Sang National Anthem at Jayson Williams Foundation Celebrity Softball Game, Bear Stadium, Newark, New Jersey….
  • *NSYNC Timeline- July 2000 JC named one of the most eligible bachelors in People magazine….
  • *NSYNC Timeline- August 2000 An emailer to Popcentric reports that Justin Timberlake was sporting a haircut during their final US tour….
  • *NSYNC Timeline – September 2000 TIPY filmed in 2 days in SF area: redwood grove and Sinbad’s Pier II restaurant near the Embarcadero…..
  • *NSYNC Timeline October 2000 Lance presents at Country Music Awards; win “Act International” at Germany’s Comet Awards….
  • *NSYNC Timeline- November 2000 ERES magazine cover, two Canadian TV Guide covers, Justin on Cosmogirl cover, Chris on Scope magazine cover….
  • *NSYNC Timeline- December 2000 ‘NSYNC To Offer Exclusive Content To Fans Via Internet Service: In collaboration with Microsoft’s MSN…..
  • *NSYNC Timeline- January 2001 Received 2 Grammy Nominations, including BBB for ‘Record Of The Year’ and ‘Best Pop Performance by a Duo or Group With Vocal.’
  • *NSYNC Timeline- February 2001 Nsync donated hats to “Hatts Off for Cancer” a charity started by a teenager to donate hats to children with cancer….
  • *NSYNC Timeline- March 2001 Chris, Lance and Joey attended the grand opening of the Hard Rock Hotel at Universal Studios, Orlando….
  • Awesome Comment of the Year! Some time last year, we uploaded some interviews with *NSYNC and various radio stations. In particular there was a fun interview with WSNX in Michigan (?). I received a comment on our site last night that rocks. so. hard.