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If I’m going to tell you about Joey, then we need the proper setting – it’s all about the location. Location, location, location.

First, picture this. We’re in Brooklyn, New York… the south-west area in a neighborhood known as Bensonhurst (the home of many mafia members, but also top-of-the-line celebrities like Scott Baio, Vincent D’Onofrio, Barbra Streisand, Leah Remini, Larry King, The Three Stooges, and two actors from The Sopranos). Its winter, January 28th 1977 to be exact and an episode of Welcome Back Kotter is probably being filmed down the block as we hop off the D line and find ourselves in the home of one of the many Italian families in the neighborhood. Brother, Steven and sister, Janine are waiting, excitedly, maybe eating some really good pizza, and poppa Joe has just called to let them know their new baby brother has finally arrived. He, of course, is with mama Phyllis at the hospital… and wait… maybe Steven and Janine were there too? Okay nevermind, let’s not get off track on historically correct details here…. point is, that baby boy was Joseph Anthony Fatone, Jr.

A couple of really funny family home videos later (an infamous one of Joey doing the moonwalk in a wanna-be Michael Jackson ‘Thriller’ jacket) and… its 1990. We’re in a station wagon on our way down I95 to Orlando, Florida! This is where thirteen year-old Joey will be attending Dr. Phillips High School which is coincidentally located right across the street from Universal Studios. Why is that a coincidence you may be wondering? Oh… only because that’s where Joey gets a job working on the Beetlejuice’s Graveyard Revenue playing the role of the Wolfman. Universal is also where he meets, Chris Kirkpatrick – and we know what happens next right?

Dance club: JC Chasez and Chris together? Say whaaaa? You two know each other? Starting a group? Really? Yeah I can sing! Sure I’ll join you guys!

Add one frizzy haired Justin Timberlake and Lance Bass in a pair of overalls and you’ve got the beginnings of *NSYNC!

Thanks to Joey’s upbringing of family-fun home videos, he decided to continue the tradition during his overseas adventure giving us fans the one and only… The Reel NSYNC dvd. This collection of hysterics was filmed mostly… really like 99%… by Joey himself and gives us the classics like “No Mercy? Here?”, “The Train”, and “A Do Run Run Anyone?”. Need I mention the Pixie Sticks fiasco in the airport? Mmhmm. I believe Joey deserves some type of Spirit Award or something for that cinematic masterpiece. This is also when Joey sported his best Guido impression *insert picture here*.

Joey and Co. returned to the states in 1998 where he gets to ham it up for us on every and all television appearances, which is why we so lovingly call him Hammy! I Want You Back, Tearin’ Up My Heart, *he dyes his hair BRIGHT Elmo-ish red*, God Must Have Spent, he does the Hammy dance on the No Stoppin’ Us Now Tour pay-per-view special, and get’s slapped (for real!) in the I Drive Myself Crazy video. *NSYNC is the best! wooooooo! We all know this, let’s keep moving on. No Strings Attached! Did you know he ripped his pants in the booty region while filming the Bye Bye Bye video? Mmhmm! It’s a whole lotta booty baby.

I have no clue how but somehow Joey and Lance found time in early 2001 to film the On The Line movie where he played…. (oh come on! you know you’ve watched the movie!). Joey’s acting talents can also be found in My Big Fat Greek Wedding (2002), The Cooler (2003), Red Riding Hood (2006), The Bros. (2007), Homie Spumoni (2007), and Beethoven’s Big Break (2008). I personally loved his time on Broadway, Joey’s been in three shows, Rent (as Mark Cohen in 2002 – which I got to see TWICE!), Little Shop Of Horrors (as Seymour Krelbourn in 2003) and Grease (as Danny for a few short days in 2003 at an Orlando theater).

His strong and attractive personality does him well in whatever venture he dives into… honestly, I think that Dancing With The Stars is rigged because how did he not get the most votes? Was his Jive not full of awesome?! *insert link here*. He may not have won that fancy trophy but he did get a nice boost on the fame-train. He gained the title of “TV Personality” and went on to host The Singing Bee, Celebrity Circus, and The Singing Office. He also co-anchored the Red Carpet on the TV Guide Network with fellow DWTS alumni, Lisa Rinna in through 2009. Joey’s also given us some great TV moments by guest starring on Kim Possible (with Lance), Robot Chicken, Shorty McShorts’ Shorts, and Hannah Montana!

On a personal note: He married his long time love, Kelly Baldwin, in 2004 *insert link because everything is on youtube* and became a daddy to his babygirl Briahna in 2001. *NSYNC Fun Fact: Mr. Lance Bass is her Godfather.

Joey has also teased us about working in music again and releasing his own solo album. When will this happened? Shucks… I dunno. But when I do I’ll be sure to tell everyone and their Mama! My hope is that he returns to Broadway or that some network (please God, not MTV!) gives him his own reality show. How hammy do you think that would be? hehe!

ByeX3 ~ Vikki