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Look at that handsome man right there, but don’t be fooled ladies – there’s more to him than good looks! And there’s definitely more to him than that godforsaken hat he seems to constantly wear. Though, speaking of hats, JC wears many. He’s a singer/songwriter, music producer, television personality and most recently he’s been testing the waters as an actor. Preferring a low key lifestyle, JC tries to avoid the paparazzi and tabloid hoopla that often comes with celebrity. And although he may not be gracing the cover of US Weekly or appearing on Access Hollywood on a regular basis, JC is working nonstop while holding onto his privacy.

Hard work is nothing new to this guy; he’s been in the business since he was fourteen! A four year stint on the Disney Channel hit the “Mickey Mouse Club” (or the hip MMC, as it was later renamed) allowed JC to hone his acting, dancing and vocal skills. MMC also saw the beginning of JC the songwriter. Little known fact: the first song he ever had a hand in writing was the closing credits rap played on the final seasons of the show! (Click here to watch!). Shortly following MMC’s cancellation in 1994 JC teamed up with casemates Dale and Tony to pen Give In To Me, which would later appear on jazz artist Euge Groove’s album.

In the years following MMC….. *flips through papers* Nsync….. 2.4 million records sold in one week….. I have a feeling you’ve heard all this already! Let’s move on to Schizophrenic! JC began work on his solo project in 2002, when his song Blowin’ Me Up (With Her Love) was the lead single off the Drumline film soundtrack. Schizophrenic was finally released in early 2004, and though it wasn’t a commercial smash it quickly made waves among music critics. They hailed JC’s uncompromising style and his ability to blend several musical styles into one cohesive album. One thing’s for sure, JC achieved his goal with Schizophrenic which was, “Make good tunes. Simple as that dude…Just make good tunes”. Words to live by!

*Flips through more papers*….. Story of Kate…..  “Jive Sucks”….. ah here we go. In late 2007 JC left Jive Records. Some feared this would be the last we would see of our beloved Chasez, boy were they wrong. Just a few months later JC signed on to be a judge on pal Randy Jackson’s new show America’s Best Dance Crew. Since its premiere in January 2008 ABDC has become one of MTV’s highest rated shows and an instant star maker for the show’s contestants. JC has proven himself to be the tough, yet encouraging judge; he’s the one to impress and he’s always willing to give crews advice and words of wisdom (read. Chasezisms). In addition to America’s Best Dance Crew, JC has two films in the can (21 and a Wakeup and Kerosene Cowboys) and he continues to produce music for other artists.

Over the span of his nearly twenty year career JC has earned the respect of fans and the music industry. He took his talent and built a career he should be proud of; one based off the pursuit of artistic merit, rather than the pursuit of cheap fame. The future is bright for Mr.Chasez, who knows what tricks he has up his sleeves. I’m gonna out on the following note, because…..yes.

“At the end of the day…” – Vicki