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Chris hosts a Sailebrity luau

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Chris Kirkpatrick of ‘N Sync hosts a Sailebrity luau on Sunday, July 8 from 7PM to Midnight.  Victory Casino Cruises, 180 Christopher Columbus Drive (Terminal B-2), Port Canaveral.  Admission is $10 a person for those 18 and older.

FOR MORE INFO: Call 855-GO-VICTORY (855-468-428679) or go to www.victorycasinocruises.com.

THE STORY:Victory Casino Cruises of Port Canaveral will host its second Sailebrity Cruise on Sunday night with former ‘NSync co-founder and band member Chris Kirkpatrick. Last month’s cruise brought hip-hop legend and comedian Chris Reid of Kid N’ Play to the area, and the tradition continues Friday night in what promises to be a good time for all.

In 1995 Kirkpatrick approached then music mogul Lou Pearlman with the idea of starting a band. After recruiting his friend and fellow Universal Studios performer Joey Fatone, the two began the arduous process of putting together what would later become one of the most successful, best-selling pop groups of all time, ‘NSync.

I spoke with Kirkpatrick about Sunday night’s Sailebrity Cruise, his latest work and his philanthropy. Let’s Shake, Rattle & Know: Chris Kirkpatrick

You will be hosting Sunday’s night sailing of Victory Casino Cruises — the Sailebrity luau. What type of opportunities will fans have to interact with you?

Kirkpatrick: I will be out there with Garrett Lauer, and we are going to have one big party on the deck with everyone before the ship heads out. There will be live entertainment and a lot going on including a meet-and-greet and more. I’m there to have fun with everybody, take photos with people and have a good time. There will be a lot of interaction.

What musical projects are you working on?

Kirkpatrick: I still have a lot going on producing songs for TV and movie soundtracks. I also have the band Nigels 11, and I am working closely with a fantastic new artist named Una Jensen. Her CD is out this month, and I have stayed busy with writing music, artist development and doing everything I can to stay busy and active in the music scene.

‘NSync ruled the airwaves for many years. What bands out there today do you think have the potential for that kind of dominance?

Kirkpatrick: One Direction does. They are very singles driven and have good songs. You have to be able to get past the hype of being just a cute boy band. I am a fan of theirs because they have great songs; they will make it. Other bands, like the Jonas Brothers, never had that one big single that put them over the top. They had a niche, but a No. 1 hit could have kept them going. Bands have to have substance and be song-driven.

Being as recognizable as you are, how difficult is it to have any sort of “normal” life?

Kirkpatrick: It isn’t too difficult anymore. I don’t know if it’s a matter of, they aren’t sure it’s me when they see me out, or the fans are old enough now that they just don’t care. Sometimes you see people look at you, and they are trying to figure out “Is that him or not?” When a big fan does come up and start talking to you and tells you what you meant to them as an artist, it is still very humbling and flattering to be remembered.

Do you still desire to be “out front” or miss that performance side of the business?

Kirkpatrick: If I have friends in town and we go out somewhere, I may do a song or two, but for me it’s more about the younger generation of music now. I get the bug every once in a while, but I really enjoy being more behind the scenes now.

What other artists are you working with?

Kirkpatrick: I am doing a lot of production work. I’m working along with a band named Blaine the Mono, a very well-rounded band out of Orlando. It’s hard to say exactly what I am because one day I may be working on a commercial jingle, and one day I may be working on a club tune, one day I might be helping produce something country. Every day is different.

You have been known for your charity work as well as giving back to a lot of different causes. How important is it to you to give back to your community?

Kirkpatrick: It is one of the main things I enjoy. I do a lot of philanthropic work. I have lived here for over 20 years, Central Florida is home to me. I try and help underprivileged kids and their families who are in need of food/shelter. My foundation works to help these families and do some of the things for them that other people forget about, like providing Halloween costumes for them and giving them things they would otherwise not get to experience. We want them to escape life for a little bit and have a normal life.

Outside of music, is there anything else in the entertainment business you hope to pursue?

Kirkpatrick: I want to try doing more acting. I find that to be so challenging. I have thought about jumping into that, but I know how difficult it is. I have stuck mostly to music because I am more confident in that, but I will step outside my comfort zone and give acting a try.

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