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*NSYNC Timeline- January 2001

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In the year 2001-

*NSYNC was 2000′s biggest earning group raking in $267 million in U.S. album sales and tour revenues.

#2 in concert grosses, with $90.2 million (Backstreet #3 at $89.8 million) Interestingly, ‘NSYNC played less than half the number (43?) of gigs as Backstreet, but only booked stadiums.

Nsync appear in Purina’s 2001 calendar, which benefits the Animal Rescue Foundation (ARF).


03 – Received 2 Grammy Nominations, including BBB for ‘Record Of The Year’ and ‘Best Pop Performance by a Duo or Group With Vocal.’ JC in LA help announce nominees. “We figured we’d be in a pop category, but it’s pretty cool being up for Record of the Year,” said ‘NSYNC’s JC Chasez, who also attended the ceremony (none of the others did). “It’s kind of bizarre being in the same category as Madonna and U2. It’s exciting… it’s an honor for sure.” Chasez and the other members of ‘NSYNC are in Los Angeles for two award shows just around the corner, the People’s Choice Awards on Sunday night and the American Music Awards on Monday. They are nominees at both ceremonies.

03 – As they begin work on their fourth album, ‘NSYNC are searching for ways to funk up their sound without overpacking the punch, JC Chasez said Wednesday. “Everyone’s kind of on the aggressive kick now,” Chasez said after helping announce the nominees for the 43rd annual Grammy Awards in Los Angeles. “We’ll keep the energy in the music, but now I think it’s time to find something a little funky. We’re going to experiment with sounds and try to create something new.” This week the Orlando, Florida, quintet began work on the follow-up to No Strings Attached, the best-selling album of 2000. For now, the group members are working alone, but they’ll likely bring in outside producers later on, Chasez said. As usual, they’ll record more material than will end up on the LP, Chasez said – a move that helps them put together a cohesive album with the strongest songs. “We always over-record before we cut an album. We’ll record double the amount of songs that go on the album, and then we’ll pick what stays and what goes.”

04 – E! Online’s Ted Casablanca is hearing that *NSYNC’s Joey Fatone is going to be a father according to pals.

04 – EXTRA showed a clip of Justin and Britney smooching during an afternoon out in Los Angeles Thursday.

07 – People’s Choice Awards in Pasadena, CA., won Favorite Musical Group or Band. Later, the band introduced Garth Brooks who performed. The People’s Choice honor seemed to make ‘NSYNC feel big-hearted – specifically toward the woman who held the trophies until they were presented to the winners. “We went outside and raised $500 for the tip – your trophy girl,” group member Justin Timberlake said. “We thought we’d be pioneers and start something new.” Representatives for ‘NSYNC could not be reached at press time to clarify whether Timberlake was in fact serious about the donation. ‘NSYNC invited a few members of their camp, including manager Johnny Wright and their security guards, to accept the award along with them. “We didn’t want to be upstaged by the ‘Friends’ cast,” Chris Kirkpatrick said. Lance Bass thanked the other nominees in the best group category, Alabama and the Dixie Chicks, saying they were among his favorite groups. MTV Asia reports Joey Fatone kept mum about his girlfriend and pregnancy rumors at the People’s Choice Awards. An eyewitness told MTV, “She was wearing a smock, and many people commented that she looked like she was in the early stages of pregnancy.”

08 – American Music Awards in Los Angeles, won Internet Artist of the Year, *NSYNC nominated for Best Band, Duo or Group and Best Album (No Strings Attached). JC there with Bobbie. The New York Post reports *NSYNC partied at the L.A. Radio American Music Award afterparty with Shaq, Chris Rock, Brooke Shields, and Carmen Electra.

09 – Larry King Live

13 – *NSYNC’s legal team tells Entertainment Weekly “In our opinion, this lawsuit has no merit whatsoever” in response to the Danielle McGuire verbal abuse suit.

13 – Allstar reports Anheuser-Busch will feature footage of Joey, Justin, Chris, Lance and J.C. going door-to-door to thank parents for discussing underage drinking to their children. The spot will air during the Super Bowl.

18 – Rock In Rio. Britney and *NSYNC will perform today. Worldpop reports Justin Timberlake refused to attend a press conference in Rio claiming he had the flu but *NSYNC insiders say he was afraid of being asked about Britney. News of the World reports that Britney and Justin spent three nights in the honeymoon suite of the Intercontinental Rio hotel they were staying at. Rav reports the two spent nearly all of their time in Rio in the $800/night room ordering fried chicken, chips and cans of cola. A Britney spokesman told the tabloid, “It was ideal for both Britney and Justin because they find it much easier to relax when in each other’s company.”

23 – Fox news.com’s Roger Friedman reports Lance has signed on to make his first movie in a deal with Miramax called On the Line. The romantic comedy which will star Bass involves him falling for a mystery girl.

24 – Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice awards nominations announced: Nsync for Favorite Singing Group, BBB for Favorite Song

26 – Blockbuster Entertainment Awards announced: Nsync nominated for: Favorite Group of the Year (NSA), Favorite CD (NSA), Favorite Single (Internet Only) BBB, Favorite Group – Pop – (Internet Only) NSA

26 – Amy Reiter reports *NSYNC and 98 Degrees were on their best behavior at the Maxim party last Friday, where instead of drinking and dancing with the Maxim girls, the guys were using the Sony PlayStation kiosk instead.

27 – Joey, Lance and Chris spotted at pre-Superbowl party, seen with Joe Nameth

28 – Superbowl XXXV Halftime Show, sang BBB, IGBM, and “Walk This Way” with Aerosmith

28 – Joey’s 24th birthday

29 – If the Recording Academy is trying to lure Eminem into accepting its invitation to perform at the 43rd annual Grammy Awards next month, it has offered up one of his favorite targets as fellow-performer bait. ‘NSYNC, the subject of several of the controversial rapper’s Marshall Mathers LP disses, have been added to the list of performers at the February 21.

31 – Justin’s 20th birthday

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