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Photographer Who Took *NSYNC Debut Album Photos Blogs About Experience

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Scott Teitler, the man behind the iconic photos on the cover and liner notes of *NSYNC (U.S. debut), broke his silence about the experience recently on his blog – “*NSYNC: Justin Timberlake when it all began.”

It’s a fascinating look behind the scenes of one of the busiest times in the lives of the guys as they tried to break into the American pop music market that is definitely worth the read.

Some interesting facts to come out of the post:

  • Scott and his crew are the masterminds behind *NSYNC’s debut looks – they needed to look “good, and cool, and most of all, appealing to teenage girls,” according to RCA
    • Lance and Justin looked too much alike, so Lance was chosen to seem more like a “surfer” while Justin would stay more “urban.” Lance’s hair that day was a temporary, spray-on color
    • Chris’ dreads were their idea
    • Joey could “actually grow facial hair,” so they kept it
    • JC was “movie-star handsome” so he didn’t need much grooming
  • A lot of the photos were shot near Justin’s house which provided more open space than the Universal lot they had begun the day on
  • The day ended at Universal, though, when the guys returned to shoot the “I Want You Back” video – after an entire day of being styled and photographed they filmed through the night, ending just before dawn.

Read Scott’s blog post here at his blog www.scotteitler.com

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