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Flashback Friday – The Year ‘N Sync

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The Year ‘N Sync

Entertainment Teen Magizine – Jan 2001

Don’t just dream it – be it!  That’s the advice of one Doctor Frank-N-Furter and one red hot boy band, namely ‘N Sync.  A dream, hard work, dedication and determination is what made this group what it is today.  Let’s rewind…

January – The boys put their legal woes behind them and devoted every waking hour to completing their new album for Jive Records.  They basked in the success of their infectious first single “Bye, Bye, Bye,” which made saying a simple good-bye uncool.

February – Fans saw yet another ‘N Sync member try his hand at acting when Justin made his prime time debut on the wonderful world of Disney’s Model Behavior.

March – The sounds of record breaking was heard everywhere as ‘N Sync’s highly anticipated third album, No Strings Attached, sold over 2.4 million units in one week – 1.13 million of that in the first day.  Meanwhile, the group flexed their acting muscles on Saturday Night Live.

April – the boys played hide and seek with the media as they began rehearsals for the No Strings Attached tour.  But before they headed for their hide-out, they shot the video for their second single, “It’s Gonna Be Me.”

May – Hollywood got a little more “in sync” with the music world when JC, Justin, Chris, Joey and Lance announced plans for an ‘N Sync movie for 2001.  But don’t expect a low budget concept, said JC, “A lot of movies that were cheesy were done cheesy and we’re not doing anything halfway as far as this movie in concerned.  To do something great, you’ve got to go for it.”

June – Justin tried to start a new fashion trend when he began wearing his curly hair in corn rows for a duration of the tour.

July – ‘N Sync took a bite out of the Big Apple when they rocked Madison Square Garden for four sold-out shows.  The guys also held their 2nd Annual Challenge For The Children celebrity basketball game with such guests as Pink and Innosense’s Nikki DeLoach.  Chris held a press conference to announce his involvement with Child Watch, an organization dedicated to finding missing children.

August – The boys took a much-needed rest after the first leg of their U.S. tour.

September – ‘N Sync wowed audiences at the MTV Video Music Awards with a TV/dancing montage that left the audience breathless.

October – Before kicking off the second leg of their tour, each member of the ban delved into side projects to keep the creative juices flowing.  Joey shot a movie in Canada, JC went back into the studio with Wild Orchid to put the final touches on songs he wrote for their upcoming album, Justin enjoyed much-needed vacation and began writing songs for the group’s next album, Lance checked in with his Freelance company to check on his first artist, Meredith Edwards, while Chris made some final touches on his clothing line.  Before all the bags were packed for the road again, the boys filmed the video for their third single, “This I Promise You.”

November – Chris’ own brand designer clothing, FuMan Skeeto become available at Nordstroms nationwide.  If given the chance, Chris could’ve talked all day long about his unique line of gear.

December – Now ‘N Sync sees another tour come to a close.  They’;; take time to be with their families for the holidays.

Fast Forward – 2001

“We’re going back into the studio at the beginning of next year to do another ‘N Sync album,” Justin assures fans.  He hopes ‘N Sync can prove to the critics that they’re here to stay.  “And hopefully we can just grow with our audience – that’s what all the {groups} who have stuck around have done:  They’ve grown with their audience.”

So get fresh batteries for your CD player and get ready for a whole new ‘N Sync ride.  This they promise you – you ain’t seen nothing yet.

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