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Lance’s Twitterview

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Lance Bass was ‘Twitterviewed’ by Wonderwall  a few days go.  It’s a really good interview.

By Chris Gardner

Lance Bass has a laundry list of loves that include singing, dancing, acting and producing. But lately, he’s focused his attention on another one of his passions: philanthropy. The former ‘NSync star has been putting together a new website, Famous Yard Sale, which raises money for charities by having celebrities sell their unused

goods. Bass also just competed with actress Emmanuelle Chriqui in a new charity competition called Power of 2. Wonderwall caught up with the busy Bass for a Twitterview to discuss all of the above as well as his wardrobe plans for Justin Timberlake’s wedding, why his boyfriend is such a great match and more!

Read our chat with Bass, and when you’re done, follow both @WonderwallMSN and @LanceBass on Twitter!

@WonderwallMSN: @LanceBass LANCE! Ready for your first question in this amazing, afternoon #Twitterview?

@LanceBass: Let’s do it!!

Click here to see the slide show and interview

@WonderwallMSN: You said you might cry @jtimberlake’s wedding. More importantly, what will you wear?

@LanceBass: I always tear up at weddings! It touches me to see such love between 2 people and seeing the loved ones support around them.

@LanceBass: What will I wear? Who knows! Depends on where it is- and IF I’m invited! Lol But I do love a reason to wear a tuxedo! Hugo Boss preferably ; )

@WonderwallMSN: Speaking of weddings, when will we see you get married?

@LanceBass: Who knows! Probably not far away though! I dream of having a great family! I just hope when I marry it will be legal.

@WonderwallMSN: You’re dating @MichaelTurchin and seem to have lot of fun w/him. Best part of relationship?

@LanceBass: It takes a very understanding man to be with me, and he just gets it. Makes it easy.

@LanceBass: W @MichaelTurchin i have truly found my best friend – we even started out as best friends before we even knew we liked each other!

@WonderwallMSN: U acted, sang, danced, produced, appeared on @kathygriffin, almost went to space. What’s left on bucket list?

@LanceBass: Internet Tycoon!!!! ; ) Starting w the very charitable @FamousYardSale .com !! We hope to raise TONS for EVERY charity using celebs and their amazing fans

@WonderwallMSN: You were part of @PWROF2. Tell us about the battle against @echriqui and what it’s all about. Dog costume?

@LanceBass: The @PWROF2 is an amazing opportunity for two celebs to make a friendly bet to see who can raise the most for their charity. I am fighting for St. Jude and Em Colon Cancer Canada

@LanceBass: If I lose I have to dress up as poo fu the dog (my first job) and be walked by em at Runyon Canyon!!

@WonderwallMSN: Charity has always been a big focus of your career. Who influenced that side of your life? Parents? Fellow celebs?

@LanceBass: I think my family and my church established my dedication to charitable causes. It continued w ‘NSYNC because we felt blessed and saw the need to always give back.

@WonderwallMSN: You exec produced gay-themed doc “Mississippi I Am.” Looks amazing. Tell us about it in 140 or less.

@LanceBass: I am SO proud of this film! The kids in it are true heroes! It follows a handful of youth from MS and their journey of finding themselves in an anti gay atmosphere.

@WonderwallMSN: Our loyal Wonderwall reader @kayjeanette needs to know: What’s your guilty pleasure album?

@LanceBass: Xanadu!!!

@WonderwallMSN: LASTLY: Can you send Twitpic of yourself right now so we can see what life looks like today for lovely Lance Bass?

@LanceBass: in the FYS office buried in yard sale items. Lily is helping.


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