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Joey Movie Appearance – Jersey Shore Shark Attack

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Joey Fatone makes a brief appearance in the movie Jersey Shore Shark Attack, he plays himself.  Spoiler Alert!  his character dies in the movie, so don’t watch it unless you think you can handle that.  It’s rated R for creature violence.  It was released, June 9, 2012 (as and made for TV movie, spoof on Jersey shore the reality show)


Many years ago, hundreds of locals and tourists were massacred by giant man-eating sharks in the infamous 1916 Jersey Shore attacks. But that’s just a legend… or is it? It’s a holiday weekend on the Jersey Shore and, unbeknownst to anyone, underwater drills have attracted dozens of albino bull sharks to the pier. When a man goes missing, TC (The Complication), Nookie and friends fear the worst and plead with the police chief to close down the beach. It isn’t until a famous singer is eaten alive during a performance on the pier that the shark hunt begins. Now, the Preppies must work together with the Guidos in order to save the Jersey Shore and its inhabitants from another vicious slaughter.

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