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Flashback Friday – ‘N Sync Revealed

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‘N Sync Revealed -Twist Magazine – July 2002

We got the fab fivesome to take some cool quizzes – check out what our Q’s revealed and what the guys had to say about our findings.


Part 1: Personality

The Word Test: What does the word in bold make you think of?


Lance: Lovable

Joey: no comment

Justin: loyal

JC: dependable

Chris: friend



Lance: No comment

Joey: Soft

Justin: No comment

JC: Egotistical

Chris: Annoying



Lance: Conniving

Joey: Dirty

Justin: No comment

JC: Survival

Chris: Sneaky



Lance: Hyper

Joey: Nasty

Justin: Wake-up call

JC: Daily routine

Chris: Double shot



Lance: 11

Joey: Clear

Justin:  We guess Justin’s not a man of few words – he said the ocean has a lot of things going on in it, but on the outside is beautiful, calm, and peaceful.

JC: comfortable

Chris: Raging

*  see those ‘no comments’?  We couldn’t get the guys to commit to one answer here – boys will be boys, we guess!



The guys’ description of the dog reflects their personality.

Their description of the cat reflects their love interest’s personality.

Their description of the rat reflects their enemy’s personality.

Their description of the coffee reflects how they feel about sex.

Their description of the ocean reflects how they feel about their own lives.


Part 2: Friendships

By telling us which seat they usually head for on a bus, the boys revealed their true role in the band. (you’ll be surprised)

Justin’s choice: Front seat on the driver’s side.

Our findings: Justin is the ban member who most enjoys being a leader.  He’s also full of new ideas!


Joey: Front seat on the entrance side.

Our findings: Joey is the entertainer of the group – he loves to make the other guys laugh, and they don’t know what they’d do without his super-funny pranks.


JC & Lance: Back seat entrance side.

Our findings: JC and Lance are both deep thinkers who enjoy occasional solitude and alone time.  When they’re feeling expressive, however, they can’t hide their amazing creativity.


Chris: Any open seat.

Our findings: Chris is the most laid back of the group, and also the most open when it comes to new directions.


Part 3: Love

Okay, now the important stuff – where do these guys stand when it comes to the L-word?


If you came back in another life, which animal would you come back as: Dog, Cat, Horse, or Snake?

Justin picked: Dog

Which Means girlfriends see him as: Loyal (other possible answers: Cat: Stylish; Horse: Upbeat; Snake: Laid-back)


Out of these choices, pick your fave animal: Rabbit, Sheep, Deer, or Horse?

Joey picked: Horse

Which means he’s attracted to girls who: Live on the wild side. (Other possible answers: Sheep: People who are very loyal; Deer: People who are graceful and well-mannered; Rabbit: People who open up over time.


Okay out of these choices, pick your least fave animal: Lion, Snake, Crocodile, or Shark?

Lance picked: Shark.

Which means he tends to be: Insecure when it comes to romance. (other possible answers: Lion: confident;  Snake: Mushy; Crocodile: jaded)


If you could keep one animal as a pets, which would you choose: Monkey, Lion, snake, or Giraffe?

Chris picked: Snake

Which reveals that Chris will never lose interest in someone who’s: Always a challenge (other possible answers: Monkey; Full of energy; Lion: Honest and open; Giraffe: Super-patient)


Which animal would you want to be for 5 minutes: Lion, Cat, Horse, or Pigeon?

JC picked: Pigeon

JC’s choice shows how he feels about love right now: He’s totally looking to settle down with someone (other possible answers: Lion: You’re always looking for love; Cat: You don’t have much time for it; Horse: You feel like playing the field.)


Part 4: Feedback

What did the guys think of these kooky quizzes?  Their responses show which analyses were right and which, well, weren’t!


Lance thought the analysis of his least fave animal was pretty crazy – he was like, “Wow, am I really insecure?”  Then he laughed and said, “I guess I must be if I am asking everyone!”


Justin couldn’t get over his cheesy comment about the ocean (“The Ocean has a lot of things going on in it, but it’s beautiful, calm, and peaceful…”). Ha!


Joey thought most of our analyses were “somewhat accurate” – but then again, he read the results before answering all the questions, so he kind of cheated!


Chris was way too preoccupied with why JC would want to be a pigeon to reflect on his own answers. (hmm… and we’re so dying to know what he thought of those love test results!)


JC meanwhile defended his pigeon pick with pride. “Who wouldn’t want to fly?” he asked.  “Flying would be cool – yeah – a pigeon, that’s what I’d be. Or, actually, an eagle.”


Part 5: Face reading

So you’re thinking that you know everything about ‘N Sync, right?  Think again!  We got face and aura reading expert Rose Rosetree to tell us things they probably don’t even know about themselves!

Lance: The Know-it-All?

What his face says:  Lance’s left eye brow is extra high, very long, and extremely curved, which adds up to a super-high emotional IQ.  A straight chin bottom shows he’s no mush-ball, making choices based on principle instead of sentiment, and independence show in his out-angled ear.

What his aura says: Lance’s fun-loving mature keeps his performances fresh.  Intellectually, his aura shows that he’s quite clever.  Could he seem like a know-it-all sometimes?  Sure, but he’s usually right!  Thankfully, emotional honesty keeps him loveable and humble.


Justin: Oh-So-Sensitive?

What his face says: look at Justin’s ultra-long eyebrows – see how the hairs at the start of each brow grow upward, rather that sideways?  These special hairs show that he can foresee problems early in a relationship, while the extreme length of his brows means he takes extra time to think deeply about life.  See how his ear has an extra-recessed inner circles?  In the language of the face, that symbolizes extreme sensitivity.

What his aura says: Justin Aura reveals that he lives straight from the heart.  He is very emotional and is especially willing to express tenderness.


Joey: A Brainiac?

What his face says: Joey’s super-angled eyebrows are the sign of a natural managers, someon who takes nothing for granted and will confront problems head on.  His chin sports a macho knob, an emblem of old-fashioned, blustery maleness.  The straight bottom of his left eye hints at wariness with strangers, matched by great loyalty to proven friends.

What his aura says: Joey’s Aura shows that his words carry extra impact, lake a time-release vitamin.  Comparing his aura to the rest of the group, he’s probably the brains of the bunch.  And the jokester!


Chris: Mr. Spontaneous?

What his face says:  While most people have a lower lip that’s just slightly fuller than the upper lip, Chris’s is five times bigger.  Which means that this ‘N Syncer has the gift of extreme persuasiveness.  His broad, curved chin signifies a strong sex drive. (Hey now!)  Also, notice how his eyebrows are so low, the practically fall into his eyes?  That signifies spontaneity – Chris is at his best when he says (os signs) what he’s thinking, right when he’s thinking it.

What his aura says: Chris’s aura is super intense – which could mean that he’s got quite a temper!


JC: The Perfectionist?

What his face say: Notice that JC’s left is a little further away from his nose that his right?  Translation: when working, he can be a perfectionist.  But in his personal life, his perspective is broad, which helps him to be wise beyond his years.  Meanwhile, those chunky earlobes suggest down-to-earth street smarts.

What his aura says: JC’s physical presence sizzle with energy.  Famous or not, if he walked into a room, you’d notice!  JC’s particular version of seines in intense and confident, with just a hint of danger. (hot, huh?)


Extra: The Ice Cream Quiz

Check out our not-so scientific findings

Justin’s fave:   Vanilla

Our analysis: Vanilla lovers are totally outgoing and have a way-positive outlook on life.  You can often find then in the middle of a crowd, because they love being around people.

Joey’s fave: Mint Chocolate Chip

Our analysis: Mint Chocolate Chip loyalists are optimistic and cherish everything and everyone in their lives.  They’re also very ambitious and tend to hold super-high standards for themselves!

JC’s fave: Coffee

Our analysis: Coffee-flavored fans are organized and responsible, and tend to lead rather than follow.  People love watching them reach their goals, which, or course, they always do!

Lance’s fave: Butter Pecan

Our analysis: Peeps are totally drawn to butter pecan lovers because they’re so easy-going.  Plus, they’re great listeners!

Chris’s fave: McDonald’s Hot Fudge Sundae

Our analysis: Chris’s unusual taste shows that he’s an independent free-thinker with an adventurous spirit.  There’s always fun to be had when this guy’s around.


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