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Timberlake-justin.com & Jessica Biel Central present …

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Posted on May 27, 2012 by Sam at Timberlake-Justin.com

I’m glad to be partnering with Stephen Lind over at jessica-biel.us to present you guys with a joint fan-forum for all things Justin & Jessica, and we have donned it “Timberbiel”. We understand that not every Jesse fan is a Justin fan and vice versa, but that is why we have set up separate sections for each person, and also a joint forum.

We also thought since Justin and Jessica are about to enter a very special chapter in their lives that it would be great to create more unity between both fan bases by having a place were all their fans could celebrate all those special moments in their lives.

Registration is easy. It only requires email confirmation. Once inside you will be able to post, discuss and share the latest news, pictures and media about Justin & Jessica, create polls, talk about your favorite music and movies, share your experiences of meeting them, etc. The forum is yours to enjoy!

We’re hoping you all give it a chance and register. We’re hoping to build a fun community to where we can all support the careers of Jesse and Justin. So take a second to header over to TimberBiel.Com and start posting!

See you at Timberbiel.com !

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