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*NSYNC Timeline- December 2000

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From People magazine, “Britney Spear’s romance with *NSYNC’s Justin Timberlake is in full bloom. To celebrate her 19th birthday in early December, Timberlake had 26 dozen roses adorn a $2,400-a-night hotel suite at the La Quinta Resort & Club near Palm Springs, with petals from another 10 dozen roses scattered around the room.”

This story is from back in December but worth reporting, as Megastar quotes the Backstreet Boys saying *NSYNC wouldn’t exist if it weren’t for them. Kevin also talks about how Chris Kirkpatrick used to wait on their table when he worked at Outback Steakhouse revealing, “He used to wait on us and say how much he liked our music and how he wanted to be like us.”

From Ted Casablanca: This time it’s J.C. Chasez, who was spotted shopping for some funky furnishings. Dressed in jeans and a tie-dyed tee, the toned tunester looked tasty in a rumpled kind of way. With his decorator in tow, J.C. spent hours browsing through Our House Antiques on 3rd Street. Onstage, the flashy performer sports skintight red-leather pants, and he showed this afternoon that his taste in decor is just as, um, eye-catching. The singer stared dreamily at a strangely unidentifiable $12,000 wood object, a huge platinum mirror and loads of lights. I’ll leave it up to you, my fashionable friends, to decide what exactly the belter was searching for when he requested “the lamp with the big globes.” Considering his cleavage companion at the Billboard party, looks like someone’s got a bit of a fixation. There are therapists for such things, J.C.

Chris and JC spotted in Las Vegas at a Prince afterparty at 54

01 – ‘NSYNC To Offer Exclusive Content To Fans Via Internet Service: In collaboration with Microsoft’s MSN, the group will launch ‘NSYNC@MSN, a specially branded online service, on Friday. In addition to e-mail and Web access, the $21.95-a-month service promises access to exclusive newsletters, photos and video footage. “We use the Internet not only as a tool to communicate with our families while on the road but to allow us to reach out to our fans in yet another way,” ‘NSYNC’s Lance Bass said in a statement. “We are very excited about this venture with MSN.” The service will also include ‘NSYNC-branded versions of Microsoft’s MSN Messenger and Windows Media Player software.

01 – In another online move, ‘NSYNC will put a private concert up for bids on Friday at LiveBid. The auction, which will be featured on the December 7 Fox television special “The Ultimate Auction,” will benefit the group’s charity, Challenge for the Children.

01 – MSN Live chat with Lance

01 – concert in San Diego at San Diego Sports Arena (with Lil’ Bow Wow) Britney attends. A spokesperson for the venue said the group and its tour crew held a private end-of-tour party after Friday night’s show, where the group also serenaded Spears with a rendition of “Happy Birthday.”

02 – End of NSA tour in San Diego, CA; Justin brings Britney on stage for Happy Birthday. “Britney Spears celebrated her 19th birthday Saturday night by joining the group onstage at the San Diego Sports Arena. The teen queen first hit the stage incognito, wearing a wig and glasses, during the boy band’s performance of Johnny Kemp’s ’80s dance hit “Just Got Paid,” according to a source close to the production. ‘NSYNC then asked the crowd to join them in singing “Happy Birthday” to the young pop star.”

05 – A Planet Hope charity spokeswoman is commenting on *NSYNC helping the charity by urging fans to donate presents on their tour, saying “It’s a lovely thing for us to do together. And it’s good to be able to help kids give to other kids less fortunate than themselves.”

05 – Perform “Just Got Paid” and co-host with Kathy Griffin at Billboard Awards at MGM Grand Garden Arena, Las Vegas, and win Album of the Year, Album of the Year Duo/Group, Top 40 Artist of the Year, and Special Award for highest one week sales. Though the Florida-based ‘NSYNC were all smiles as they strolled down the red carpet before the ceremony, Chris Kirkpatrick said he wasn’t exactly at ease. “We have to perform, we’re hosting and we’re up for some awards, too,” he said. “All that adds to the tension – I’m about to crack.” Host Griffin, who joked throughout the show that she was trying to determine which member of ‘NSYNC she should marry, at one point handcuffed herself to Justin Timberlake. Spears, who is dating the ‘NSYNCer, quickly came to the rescue, chiding Griffin: “Easy, skank, step off.” “Ladies, don’t get your panties in a wad,” Timberlake said. “There’s plenty of Justin for everybody.”

05 – afterparty at the Venetian’s Velvet Lounge. From Ted Casablanca: ‘N Sync hottie Chris Kirkpatrick puckered up and planted a messy peck on the face of Backstreet Boy Howie D.. (For all those getting excited out there, I’d say the lip ac-shun was closer to the cheekbone than the labium, but young folks today are so friendly these days, it’s hard to tell.)

07 – Fox television special “The Ultimate Auction,” (see Dec. 1)

07 – JC and ‘girlfriend’ attend “Castaway” premiere

07 – Shaun Robinson of Access Hollywood asked Chris and JC to kiss and make up after their staged fight on the Billboard Music Awards, and their response “Oh, now, you’re taking the comedy a bit too far. We are friendly, but not that friendly. He ain’t pretty.”

07 – No Strings Attached goes diamond

07 – Justin recently joined Brian McKnight for a duet on “My Kinda Girl,” a track on the R&B crooner’s next album, due in the spring. “He’s easy,” McKnight told reporters at Tuesday’s awards show. “Exactly how you see him on TV – that’s exactly how he is for real. He wants to give to everybody. He’s not one of these guys who’s so successful that he knows everything. He still wants to learn; he still wants to absorb everything. I think he’s going to be around for a very, very long time.”

10 – Win Best Teen Cover, Best Untrue Gossip, Coolest MTV Video, and Favorite Boyband in Online Teen Awards

12 – Justin and Chris attend Sports Illustrated Awards

12 – Making The Tour video goes on sale

14 – Justin makes a surprise appearance at Jingle Ball 2000 in New York

16 – Justin is voted “Most Beautiful” in PEOPLE.com poll

18 – Nsync and Aerosmith are announced at the half-time entertainment for Superbowl XXXV, January 28, at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, FL

18 – ‘NSYNC Fan’s Suit Claims Timberlake Harassed Her: An ‘NSYNC fan has filed suit against group member Justin Timberlake, alleging that he harassed and verbally assaulted her. Danielle McGuire, 15, filed suit December 18 in a circuit court in St. Louis, Missouri, charging Timberlake with false imprisonment of a minor and intentional infliction of emotional distress, according to her lawyer, John Wallach. McGuire also charges a security guard with assault and battery in the suit, which stems from an alleged incident at a St. Louis hotel where the band was staying after a November 19 concert. McGuire says that after the show, she and dozens of fans waited inside the lobby of the Chase Park Plaza hotel. When ‘NSYNC arrived, each group member save for Timberlake talked with members of the crowd before entering elevators to go to their rooms, Wallach said. After being snubbed by Timberlake, McGuire yelled out, “I like JC better anyway, he’s cuter,” referring to group member Joshua “JC” Chasez. Wallach said that a security guard for the group emerged from an elevator and asked McGuire if she was the one who made the comment. When she said she was, the security guard told her to come with him, there was some physical contact, and the two went upstairs, Wallach said. McGuire asked if she could tell her mother, but the guard refused to let her, Wallach said. When they got upstairs, Timberlake backed McGuire against a wall and began berating her for what she said, the suit allege s. “[McGuire] said he went on and on, and wouldn’t stop,” Wallach said. “He was right in her face, saying things over and over again.” In the meantime, Wallach said, a friend of McGuire’s went to alert her mother, who had brought the girls to the hotel. Security wouldn’t let McGuire’s mother upstairs, but allowed a family friend, KSDK news anchor Randy Jackson, to go get her. Jackson told Wallach that when he got upstairs, Timberlake was yelling at McGuire. When Timberlake saw the newsman, he limped off, saying that his leg hurt, Wallach alleges. “We tried to resolve this quietly,” Wallach said. “But ‘NSYNC’s lawyer told me they weren’t interested.” A jury will determine damages in the suit if and when it goes to court. ‘NSYNC’s lawyer and record label did not return phone calls. The suit also names the other members of ‘NSYNC as a partnership, as well as the group’s management company and Chase Park Plaza Limited Partnership. Wallach said that the group and management company are attached to the suit because they may be the employers of the security guards. The suit alleges that the hotel allowed the group and its management to take control of the lobby and members of the public.

18 – *NSYNC was named the #5 Entertainer of the Year by Entertainment Weekly, with top honors going to Russell Crowe. Tom Calderone of MTV said of the band, “People are quick to dismiss them as a pop act, but this is a 360-degree band-it’s the TV performances, the concerts, the touring. They have a self deprecating style. They don’t take themselves that seriously, and that’s why fans gravitate to them.”

18 – The Orlando Sentinel reported on the Wright Entertainment Group Christmas party that included Johnny Wright managed stars like Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake, who arrived holding hands to the event. Around 250 guests attended the party Monday night which was held at a Kissimmee skating center. Lance and Joey also attended, with JC coming in later with Bobbee, while Chris was reportedly out of town.

19 – MSN Live chat with Chris

22 – Appearance on Maury show

24 – MCHH performance shown on ABC’s “Twas The Night Before Christmas”

24 – Channel 5 news in Memphis is reporting that Britney and Justin were seen at McDonalds and Wal-Mart in Bertlett. The couple reportedly plans to head to Britney’s house on Christmas Eve until the 30th, where they then will fly to New York to help MTV ring in 2001.

31 – Lance’s New Years party at Roseland in New York. Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake will be amongst those on MTV’s New Year’s Eve party at Roseland. The party is being set up by *NSYNC’s Lance Bass, with tickets costing $200. The New York Post is reporting that because of relentless MTV promo’s, Lance Bass’ party at Roseland tonight is likely to be the most packed in town.; BBB performance shown on Dick Clark’s New Years Rockin’ Eve

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