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Baby, you’re not the only one…. Happy NSA2012!

Submitted by on March 21, 2012 – 9:00 am2 Comments

March 21, 2012….it’s not only NSA Day, but it is the 12th anniversary of the release of No Strings Attached, the record breaking smash of the decade!  Twelve years ago, five young men from Orlando, Florida– better known as *NSYNC– would make history as the first band to break 1.1 million units sold in one day, and more than 2.4million units sold in ONE WEEK!

Trivia: The only release to come close to breaking this record is………Celebrity! *NSYNC holds the #1 and #2 spot. When they dominate, they like to do it right!

Join us for a day of looking back and celebrating a time when Pop was king and *NSYNC ruled the kingdom. We’re listening to the album and this year I thought we’d highlight some performances from the Madison Square Garden concert, simply because it was so EPIC.  We’re also on twitter and facebook, chatting about the hits and one of the best days in *NSYNC fandom.  If you have fan art or a contribution to add, please hit us up and we’ll make sure other fans see it!

We’re also celebrating the gigantic MOUND of *NSTUFF that fans have collected over the years, lovingly packed away in waterproof containers (or, in some cases… still on walls!!!). Be sure to take a peek at the massive collections in our photogallery! We’ll be highlighting some of the largest and most interesting additions.

Feel like a little trip down memory lane? Check out our NSA!Sync page! Also, we’ve uploaded *NSYNC‘s appearance at MTV studios on March 21, 2000! Ahhh, memories!

Now, I don’t know about any other Superfans, but I am ready to get into some dirty pop! Happy NSA DAY!

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    AHHHHH! I still remember standing in that long line outside of slackers at 7:00 am!

  • JessW

    I miss these days.. but reading this makes me feel so old… it does not feel like it was 12 years ago!!!