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Rejoice, for ‘Schizo Day’ 2012 is here!

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On this day in 2004, a record  of MOST AWESOMENESS was released by the one and only JC Chasez! *holds for applause*

Today, Still*NSYNC will be joining our JC affiliate site JC-Chasez.net in celebrating the 7th 8th!!! anniversary of Schizophrenic!

It’s hard to believe it’s been this long but on this day, eight years ago, JC’s debut album “Schizophrenic” was (finally!) released.


From Mouseketeer to Teen Pop idol, from TV Screens to wall posters, fans of JC Chasez have watched him grow and evolve from a pipsqueak into a heart throb. In February 2004, fans witnessed yet another facet to JC Chasez —  Solo Artist.

Schizophrenic, JC’s solo debut, was long awaited and highly anticipated by fans. Dubbed, ‘the serious one’, the mystery of a JC solo album was what kind of music would come from the member who liked jazz and whose tastes varied wildly outside of *NSYNC’s pop genre.

The result was a critically acclaimed, incredibly varied, well-orchestrated mishmash of musical styles and tastes. JC’s influences are apparent, if not flaunted. From steamy and raunchy to deeply heartfelt, his words –and sounds: hand claps, foot stomps, and whistles—take a listener on a journey through the mind of JC Chasez. And wow… what a journey, huh?

SchizophrenicWhile Schzophrenic was not a commercial success, JC says he did exactly what he set out to do: put out a record and have fun doing it.

Every February 24th, the anniversary of the release of Schizophrenic, JC fans take a ride through his mind. Read the lyrics. Hear the stomps, the hums, the whistles, the claps. Feel the rhythm and dance, or sense the meaning and sway. Enjoy the dance hall reggae, the touch of Latin flavor, even a little bit of Prince-influenced Pop. And, yes we have to say it—renew our hopes for a sophomore effort.

StillNsync.com invites you to share in the Schizo experience!  Dig out your copy — don’t have it? FOR SHAME! Get it from Amazon or iTunes right NOW– and post your album reviews, thoughts and *squees* with the site and fellow superfans!

Get your Schizophrenic CD/iTunes playlist locked and loaded and rock out to some JC Chasez!

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