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Las Vegas Magazine: Say hi, hi, hi to the Strip’s newest host

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Posted at Las Vegas Magazine

Boy band heartthrob Joey Fatone has successfully stepped out on his own since his ’N Sync days. Stage and television have kept Fatone busy, and 2012 is shaping up to be no exception. He recently sat down with Las Vegas Magazine’s Kiko Miyasato to talk about his current hosting gig at Price is Right Live! at Bally’s (through April 8), and the many other projects he has in the works—a lot of them to do with food.

Q: Are you a fan of The Price is Right, the television show?
A: Of course I was, and am. Who wasn’t a fan of Bob Barker?!

Q: How is your gig as host of Price is Right Live! going?
A: So far, so good. The audience has been great. It’s kind of a bucket-list wish to spin the Big Wheel, so people are really into that. And then you also get people who have been fans of mine throughout my career, and they wanna come check me out.

Q: You also participated in the Food Network show Rachel vs. Guy. Tell me a little bit about that project.
A: It was one of the most nerve-racking things I have ever done! I’m not the greatest cook; I’m not a chef. You have a time factor involved in it, so it’s like “Oh my god! Hurry up! You have two hours to make food for 150 people. OK, go!” And you’re like “What?!”

Q: On the show, you’re on Guy’s (Fieri) team. How was it working with him?
A: He’s awesome. I’ve known him now for a few years; we met at the Kentucky Derby. He told me about this project and said I should do it, and I was like “Eh, I don’t know.” Then, of course after a few drinks, he convinced me to do it.

Q: Is there one dish that you make at home?
A: I can make spaghetti and meatballs, and the sauce, of course. I’ve done the whole thing from scratch a few times.

Q: Are there any plans to get back into stage acting?
A: I would love to. I’ve been out to New York a few times just to do some auditioning. It’s a huge commitment, though. I love Broadway. I love live shows from an entertainment aspect.

Q: What was your most challenging theater role?
A: All three of them were challenging—I did Little Shop of HorrorsThe Producers and Rent. Challenging to get everything done and ready was The Producers—we had one week to learn the show and two weeks to run. Little Shop, I played Seymour and that was a blast. Rent was my first Broadway show.

Q: Anything else that you’re up to this year?
A: I’m actually doing a cooking show. It’s on the Live Well network. I’m doing a show called My Family Recipe Rocks. What we do is actually go to people’s homes and see what their recipes are, something that might have been handed down generation-to-generation, something that maybe they come up with.

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