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Albums That Time Forgot: JC Chasez’s “Schizophrenic”

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Note: We’ll be celebrating the 8th anniversary of the release of Schizophrenic next month!

 JC wasn’t always *NSYNC’s second banana. If you listen to each of the group’s albums, you’ll notice that JC’s role faded further and further into the sunset as Justin took prominence. This is despite the fact that JC is actually a better vocalist. While Justin is an excellent melodic singer and has a smooth quality similar to “Off The Wall”-era MJ, JC has a fiery, soaring voice that recalls the angrier, more edgy version of Michael.

On Schizophrenic, the vocal differences between the two were highlighted due to the differences in musical styles. JC co-helmed most of Schizophrenic with his homies Riprock & Alex G with fleeting assistance from Rockwilder & Dallas Austin. The album encompassed everything from rock riffage to skittering dance beats to smooth ballads, all held together by JC’s strong voice and his solidly PG-13 lyrics. Read more at JC-Chasez.net »

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