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Help Wanted! SuperFans apply within!

Submitted by on December 19, 2011 – 11:38 amNo Comment

Still*NSYNC.com was established March 21, 2009 as a central place for fans to find the latest and greatest information on the SuperPopGroupofAwesomeness *NSYNC, as well as keep fans up to date on their particular faves. Want to know what the Justin sites are reporting this week? We’ll hit the highlights and send you there! What’s JC up to? We’ll keep you posted on the latest news! Chris, Lance, Joey? Where are they now? WE KNOW! And we’ll tell you!

Over the past three years this site has grown to be loved and cherished by the SuperFans who have made it great. In fact, things are going so swimmingly that it is necessary to bring on some help… this is where YOU come in.

In the coming year, I am going to be seeking out some help to keep fans In The Know… as Lance, Joey, Chris, Justin and even the elusive JC push projects, I want to make sure that we keep our finger on the pulse of fandom. To do this, I’m going to need some help. Here are some general qualities I’m looking for:

  • *NSYNC SuperFan ABOVE ALL. *NSYNC is five men. We respect, love, support and celebrate them all here.
  • Web savvy- Internet/Facebook/Twitter knowledge is IMPERATIVE.  Knowledge of WordPress (or willingness to learn) is a must have. When we’re busy, I need to be able to count on someone to log in and make posts at the site.
  • Maturity, great communication skills, outgoing personality
  • Free time/availability. Must have access to the site/twitter/Facebook during a large portion of the day. I’m not looking for 24×7 but general availability is a requirement. Things happen at the drop of a hat in fandom!
  • Knowledge of/proficiency with Photoshop /editing tools would be really NICE to have.
  • A general willingness to work as a team, figure out an issue, solve a problem as needed and keep the fandom in high spirits.

Interested parties should send a letter of interest to stillnsync [at] gmail [dot] com. I’ll be in touch with qualified candidates in 2012!


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