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*NSYNC Timeline October 2000

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Joey filming My Big Fat Greek Wedding (Toronto, 10th, Ntimate special)

Justin on USA Weekend magazine cover

04 – Lance presents at Country Music Awards; win “Act International” at Germany’s Comet Awards. *NSYNC won Germany’s Comet Award last night for the category Act International, though couldn’t be there to accept it, as they were still filming This I Promise You (again).

04 – Lance & Meredith in Nashville at CMAs (Ntimate special)

07 – Scheduled to appear on VH1 Classic for KISS’ “Last Kiss” pre-show

07 – Justin and Britney sighting on Melrose

07 – Justin spoofed on MadTV, which showed him and Brit enter his bedroom showcasing all of Justin’s hair care products and curling irons, as well has his *NSYNC marionettes.

09 – Perform on Good Morning America, TIPY and IGBM

09 – Media teleconference. ‘NSync’s Chris Kirkpatrick revealed a rock star obsession while Justin Timberlake admitted a need to stop dancing, even if for a minute, when asked if they could switch places with any other performer, who would it be and why during ‘NSync’s teleconference on Monday. “Somebody who didn’t dance,” said Timberlake. “Because I’m tired.” (Don’t worry girls, he was only kidding. Timberlake would actually trade places with Stevie Wonder if given the opportunity.) “He’s my idol,” said Timberlake. “He’s awesome. He’s the greatest. Ever. In the whole world.” “Gwen Stefani and I’d look in the mirror all day long,” announced Kirkpatrick. “She’s just a hottie.” How lucky for Wonder and Stefani…

09 – The New York Post reports that Justin, Lance, and Joey were surrounded by adoring young women at China Club’s hot Monday night party.

10 – ‘NSYNC are among the artists planning to “Shake Ya Ass” during a private party in New York City on Tuesday night to celebrate the chart-topping debut of Mystikal’s “Let’s Get Ready” album. Jive Records, home to Mystikal, ‘NSYNC, and Joe, will be hosting the event. A source close to the event said will have a “secret” theme loosely based on the 1999 Stanley Kubrick film, “Eyes Wide Shut,” which inspired the “Shake Ya Ass” video. Music for the party will be provided by a local artist, the Incredible DJ Touchtone.

10 – Live From Madison Square Garden video goes on sale

12 – appearance on The Simpsons announced. In the show, the characters of Bart Simpson, Nelson Muntz, Ralph Wiggum, and Milhouse Van Houten form their own boy band called Party Posse, and at their premiere concert in Springfield, ‘NSYNC stops by to give the guys some advice on their choreography. The episode, called “New Kids On The Blecch,” is tentatively set to air in late February.

17 – Start of 2nd leg of No Strings Attached tour in Charlotte, NC. Justin to the 18,276 sellout crowd at Charlotte Coliseum last Tuesday, “We’ve got a pretty loud crowd tonight. We’re very happy to kick off the second half of the tour here in Charlotte.” Megan on the message boards shares with us a quote from Justin October 17th when the band kicked off their tour in Charlotte, “We were excited to kick off the tour in Charlotte, except I was really tired from being overseas and we had just gotten in Charlotte 2 days before and I will be honest, I was hurtin’ up there on stage.”

17 – Chris’ 29th birthday

18 – Well despite conflicting reports as to whether it would be out, * NSYNC’s lip balm has hit the shelves, so be sure to pick up Justin Vanilla.

19 – A Hendersonville, Tennessee teenager is arrested and undergoing psychiatric evaluation after his mother reported him to the police for plotting to kill Nsync at their Atlanta concert

18 – concert in North Charleston, SC @ North Charleston Coliseum

20 – concert in Greenville, SC @ Bi-Lo Center

20 – Eminem took a shot at *NSYNC for the opening of the Anger Management Tour by covering their “Tearing Up My Heart” song with a new version “Tearing Up My Ass”. The vulgar parody featured the members of D-12 ‘exaggerating’ *NSYNC’s dance steps sexually.

21 – Atlanta, GA hotel

21 – concert in Atlanta, GA @ Philips Arena

22-23 – No Strings Attached fall tour concerts in Birmingham, AL (Birmingham Civic Arena)

24 – Sing National Anthem for game 3 of the World Series at Shea Stadium. Several message board posters are angrily reporting that *NSYNC was booed by several fans for their national anthem performance before game 3 of the World Series won by the Mets. The guys took a risky move singing before a riled, primarily male audience nearly twice the age of their normal fans, but no doubt the their music was introduced to a television audience that many may have known little of the band beforehand. *NSYNC’s performance in the World Series was noted in Entertainment Weekly, where they give it a grade of B+, saying “Solid a cappella, but the nymph-voiced lads seemed genuinely unnerved by the raucous booing of hardened new Yawkers.”

24 – NSYNC Live from MSG video has been pushed back to be released on October 24th.

25 – Justin nominated in this year’s Maxim Awards for ‘Best Celebrity Girlfriend Upgrade’. *NSYNC’s Bye Bye Bye is nominated in this year’s Maxim Awards for ‘Most Overplayed Video’.

25 – The New York Post reports that *NSYNC were seen after leaving from Nello’s after eating lunch with some roadies and some “very attractive young women”. The group drove off in a huge SUV with tinted windows.

25 – concert in Indianapolis, IN @ Conseco Fieldhouse

26 – Chris in Indianapolis (Ntimate special)

26 – World premiere of “This I Promise You” on TRL

27 – “This I Promise You” debuts at #2 on TRL

27 – concert in Knoxville, TN @ Thompson-Boling Arena

28 – Apparently there’s conflicting information on what *NSYNC did on Saturday. We’re now hearing that *NSYNC played their Nabisco sponsored concert on Saturday in Orlando. Sorry for the confusion and we’ll look into this further.

28 – Denise Rich is talking bout why she’s having *NSYNC perform at The Angel Ball, Nov. 30th at the Marriott Marquis, which is a fund-raiser to fight cancer. She says of the boys, “Entertainment will be *N SYNC because, as a songwriter I was supposed to do a song with them, so they’re my friends.”

28 – Ex Van Halen rocker Sammy Hagar is saying kind words about pop stars to the surprise of many. He says, “You’re going to think I’m crazy for saying this, but I dig the pop scene. I like the whole glamour and the show. I like the professional sparkle of it all. I like *NSYNC, Ricky Martin, Backstreet Boys, and the list goes on. Those people are real stars, and they are real professional at what they do.”

29 – From the ‘new’ message boards, we hear that *NSYNC is in LA where Justin, a National Spokesperson for the “Make A Difference” Day, was scheduled to meet with inner-city children Saturday. A later planned trip to the Playboy Mansion for t heir “Playboy” Annual Halloween Party was put in doubt because of health problems with Hugh Hefner.

30-31 – No Strings Attached fall tour concerts in Sunrise, FL (National Car Rental Center)

31 – Justin working with Brian McKnight in Miami (Ntimate special)

31 – The Enquirer reveals that the Halloween night Britney was partying in Germany, Justin spent three hours dancing and chatting with a scantily clad blonde at club Level in South Beach.

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