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Video: Joey talks cooking in YOUR kitchen on Windy City LIVE

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Originally posted at WindyCitylive.com

Got a family recipe that rocks? Joey Fatone is looking for your family’s rockin’ dish!

“My Family Recipe Rocks!” is a new cooking/lifestyle show that goes beyond the diners, drive ins and ultra-exclusive restaurants across the land and into the kitchens and backyard BBQs of real people cooking some of the most amazing dishes you’ll ever taste.

Chicago Firefighter, Dwayne Blackamore, joins Joey, Ryan and Val as he makes his famous “Blackamore’s Chipotle Firehouse Chili”.


Each episode focuses on a person who is known for one particularly good dish. From a killer spaghetti sauce to mouth-watering ribs, our host knocks on the front door and comes into the kitchen to see these amazing recipes come to life. The show is shot in a loose, run-and-gun style to capture the authentic nature of what happens in real kitchens with real people cooking real food. During the show, interviews with friends and family help us get to know the person behind the great dish and each episode showcases a special aspect of our cook’s life. From an unusual hobby to a heart-touching story from their past, “My Family Recipe Rocks!” connects viewers to the people they’re watching beyond the ‘how to’ rundown of most cooking shows.

“My Family Recipe Rocks!” is a fresh alternative to the world of cooking shows because it’s about more than just the food&it’s about the people that share their love of great cooking with those they love.

Check out the video- Joey always gives a great interview and he talks a bit about the mini-*NSYNC reunion.

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