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Audio: Justin on Ryan Seacrest

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Check out the audio at WorldofJustin.com!

Singer and actor Justin Timberlake called in to “On Air with Ryan Seacrest” on Thursday to discuss his new movie “In Time,” new musicians he’s working with, and what he thinks of Eddie Murphy hosting the Oscars.

Justin has hosted Saturday Night Live, the ESPY Awards, and the MTV Movie Awards. One gig he has not hosted, is the Oscars. Justin says, “That immediately makes me nervous. I mean it would be a blast.” Eddie Murphy will be hosting The 84th annual Academy Awards. “I’m excited to see Eddie host the Oscars. I think he is going to be amazing. I instinctively feel like he’s going to incorporate his brand of humor into the evening, which is just impeccable.”

Justin’s new movie “In Time” opens this Friday and explains it saying, “if you could imagine that we’ve found a way to stop aging, the way we look when we are 25 is how we are going to look forever. What type of obstacles does that bring? over population is the first thing. So, the government has kind of come up with this way to disenfranchise us in a way and time has become money. When you turn 25, you have a year of time on your body clock, which you are able to see your left forearm,” he explains

We haven’t heard any new music from Justin in a while, but he recently teamed up with mega producerTimbaland and FreeSol and sang the hook “Fascinated.” Since Justin has his own music label Tennman Records, he is always on the lookout for new artists. He says, “I’m always kind of ear to the tracks.” He has currently been working with an amazing musician, Brenda Radney. He says, “She’s an amazing musician, singer and songwriter. We’ve been working together a little bit.”

Tomorrow Justin will be answering questions from fans on Twitter 4:30-5:00 Pacific Time. 7:30-8:00 Eastern Time. “In Time” hits theaters Friday, October 28th.

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