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*NSYNC Timeline: Pre *NSYNC

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Info gathered from various sources, including: http://incredible.nu/chrono/about.shtml, http://members.tripod.com/~Kelrae01/NSyncTimeline.html, http://www.abstracts.net/, *NSYNC: The Official Book, Rolling Stone Aug. 16, 2001, Nside Nsync Official Album, Nsync Pop Odyssey, Nsync Yearbook, various mailing lists, etc.

*Originally compiled by CanalBaby@livejournal.com


October 17 – Christopher Alan Kirkpatrick is born in Clarion, PA


October 17 – Chris’ 1st birthday


October 17 – Chris’ 2nd birthday


March 14 – Chris’ sister Molly Ford born

October 17 – Chris’ 3rd birthday


October 17 – Chris’ 4th birthday


August 08 – Joshua Scott Chasez is born in Washington, DC or Bowie, MD

September 25 – Chris’ sister Kate Ford born

October 17 – Chris’ 5th birthday


January 28 – Joseph Anthony Fatone, Jr. is born in Brooklyn, NY

August 08 – JC’s 1st birthday

October 17 – Chris’ 6th birthday


January 28 – Joey’s 1st birthday

August 08 – JC’s 2nd birthday

October 17 – Chris’ 7th birthday


January 28 – Joey’s 2nd birthday

May 04 – James Lance Bass is born in Laurel, MS

August 08 – JC’s 3rd birthday

October 17 – Chris’ 8th birthday


January 28 – Joey’s 3rd birthday

May 04 – Lance’s 1st birthday

August 08 – JC’s 4th birthday

October 17 – Chris’ 9th birthday


From an article from the Times (UK) April ’04: Put up for adoption at the age of five, when his single mother found herself homeless, he (JC) grew up trying to fit in with his new family rather than going to dance classes and dreaming of being famous. “I still see my real mom,” he says. “But we never had any money and she thought it was best I was brought up with a real family, with brothers and sisters. The last thing on my mind was being a pop star.”

January 28 – Joey’s 4th birthday

January 31 – Justin Randall Timberlake is born in Memphis, TN

May 04 – Lance’s 2nd birthday

August 08 – JC’s 5th birthday

October 17 – Chris’ 10th birthday


January 28 – Joey’s 5th birthday

January 31 – Justin’s 1st birthday

May 04 – Lance’s 3rd birthday

July 23 – Chris’ sister Emily Morton born

August 08 – JC’s 6th birthday

October 17 – Chris’ 11th birthday


January 28 – Joey’s 6th birthday

January 31 – Justin’s 2nd birthday

May 04 – Lance’s 4th birthday

August 08 – JC’s 7th birthday

October 17 – Chris’ 12th birthday


Justin’s parents divorce when he is three

Chris appeared in Oliver! in 5th grade (NPO)

“John McConnell is one of those people who truly can say, “I knew him when.” The former Oil City High School music teacher was casting a high school production of the musical “Oliver!” in 1984. After auditioning nearly 100 children from area elementary schools for the lead children’s role, he saw one boy who stood out above the rest. The show’s star ended up being a sixth-grader from one of the Oil City elementary schools who arguably went on to achieve great things. That boy, Chris Kirkpatrick, grew up to be part of one of today’s most popular singing groups – ‘N Sync. And McConnell apparently had quite an impact on the youngster. In fact, his significance in Kirkpatrick’s life was strong enough to lure a film crew from the VH1 television series “Driven” to Franklin last week to talk to McConnell about the pop star. The series chronicles the early lives of performers and traces the influences that drove them to stardom.”

January 28 – Joey’s 7th birthday

January 31 – Justin’s 3rd birthday

May 04 – Lance’s 5th birthday

August 08 – JC’s 8th birthday

October 17 – Chris’ 13th birthday


January 28 – Joey’s 8th birthday

January 31 – Justin’s 4th birthday

May 04 – Lance’s 6th birthday

August 08 – JC’s 9th birthday

October 17 – Chris’ 14th birthday


Chris on 8th Grade Boys Basketball team, Dalton Intermediate School, Dalton, Ohio (NY)

Justin’s mother marries banker Paul Harless when he was five

January 28 – Joey’s 9th birthday

January 31 – Justin’s 5th birthday

May 04 – Lance’s 7th birthday

August 08 – JC’s 10th birthday

October 17 – Chris’ 15th birthday


Chris – freshman at Dalton High School, Dalton, Ohio

January 28 – Joey’s 10th birthday

January 31 – Justin’s 6th birthday

May 04 – Lance’s 8th birthday

August 08 – JC’s 11th birthday

October 17 – Chris’ 16th birthday


January 28 – Joey’s 11th birthday

January 31 – Justin’s 7th birthday

May 04 – Lance’s 9th birthday

August 08 – JC’s 12th birthday

October 17 – Chris’ 17th birthday


Lance moves to Clinton, MS

Justin starts taking voice lessons

January 28 – Joey’s 12th birthday

January 31 – Justin’s 8th birthday

May 04 – Lance’s 10th birthday

August 08 – JC’s 13th birthday

October 17 – Chris’ 18th birthday


The Fatones move to Orlando (NOB)

JC (fourteen) joins the Mickey Mouse Club which he is on for four years; meets Joey who is a close friend of an MMC cast member, Jennifer McGill; Chris graduates from high school

Joey: Yeah, we worked at Universal like I said and we were singing and dancing there and we knew each other and I knew JC… JC: He was actually the first person I met when I moved to Orlando to do the show. When I first moved, he was like the first person not in the show that I met and we became friends.

January 28 – Joey’s 13th birthday

January 31 – Justin’s 9th birthday

May 04 – Lance’s 11th birthday

August 08 – JC’s 14th birthday

October 17 – Chris’ 19th birthday


JC – Freshman Bowie High School, Bowie, Maryland (NY)

January 28 – Joey’s 14th birthday

January 31 – Justin’s 10th birthday

May 04 – Lance’s 12th birthday

August 08 – JC’s 15th birthday

October 17 – Chris’ 20th birthday

November 11 – Justin performs at a Christmas Pageant


(ish) 7th Grade Lance spent a week at NASA’s Space Camp (NPO)

Justin (twelve) loses on Star Search and joins the Mickey Mouse Club, which he is on for two years

January 28 – Joey’s 15th birthday

January 31 – Justin’s 11th birthday

May 04 – Lance’s 13th birthday

August 08 – JC’s 16th birthday

September 18 – Chris’ sister Taylor Davey born

October 17 – Chris’ 21st birthday


Lance – 8th grade, Clinton Jr. High School, Clinton, Mississippi (NY)

(or ’94) Lance attended Garth Brooks Concert (NPO)

Chris graduates from Valencia Community College in Orlando

January 28 – Joey’s 16th birthday

January 31 – Justin’s 12th birthday

May 04 – Lance’s 14th birthday

August 08 – JC’s 17th birthday

October 17 – Chris’ 22nd birthday


Mickey Mouse Club goes off the air; and Justin and JC both go to Memphis for awhile (Justin to be a normal kid and JC to record demos) and then return to Orlando to get back into show business. From NOB – for JC, after MMC, LA for a couple of months, then lived in Nashville before going back to Orlando

MTV: How long did it take for you two guys to hook up though and think that you could make something go? JC: I was singing on his demos. Justin: Yeah we were in Nashville. After we finished with the TV show, after the TV show was over, we went and did some demo work together in Nashville. After that for about a year we were together doing a little demo work. But the group originated with Chris…

From The Herald (UK newspaper, 4/30/04) about JC: The Mickey Mouse Club finished when he was 17, after which he joined a troupe that toured US bases throughout Europe. When he returned to America, he planned to go to college, but kept writing material until one day he was reunited with Timberlake in Nashville, where they were working with the same voice coach. Timberlake invited him to his place in Memphis, where they spent a month writing and recording. It wasn’t long before *NSync was formed, along with Chris Kirkpatrick, Lance Bass and Joey Fatone, and their debut album sold 10 million.

TJ Fantini, in E!’s Child Star Confidential (6/06), claims that after MMC ended that he went to LA for three months to go on auditions, and he lived with JC and Nikki DeLoach. He also said that he was living with JC when JC got the call to join Nsync.

Joey, junior in High School, performs with singing group The 4 Guys (NY)

Or ’95 – Justin’s half-brother, Jonathan born

According to Nov. 2003 RS interview, Justin persuaded Lynn and Paul to let him get his ear pierced. (He had to compose and sing a song at a family gathering.) Family vacation in Hawaii.

January 28 – Joey’s 17th birthday

January 31 – Justin’s 13th birthday

May 04 – Lance’s 15th birthday

August 08 – JC’s 18th birthday

October 17 – Chris’ 23rd birthday

October 22 – Production ended for MMC

November – Last episodes of MMC aired

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