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Music & Lyrics – NSYNC – Together Again

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Together Again (European single)
Together Again


BMG / RCA / Trans Continental Records, Inc.

Andy Reynolds
Tee Green


Together Again

Also Found On:

N SYNC (European debut)


How can I say
That I love you
When we’re so
Far away

So tell me why
You had to go
Was it me
I need to know

What can I do
To make you see
That I’m here
Here for you

I really hope that you’ll come home
So we can be
Together again

What can I do (what can I do)
To make you see (to make you see)
That I’m here (I’m here)
Here for you (I’m here for you)

I really hope (I really hope)
That you’ll come home (that you’ll come home)
So we can be (so we can be)
Together again (together again)

Together again

Together again

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