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*NSYNC Timeline – September 2000

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TIPY filmed in 2 days in SF area: redwood grove and Sinbad’s Pier II restaurant near the Embarcadero *NSYNC reportedly used a phony name to discourage a swarm of fans interrupting their video shoot in San Francisco. The name? The Melons. Supposedly each member had a melon styled name. Unfortunately, their anonymity didn’t last long as a radio DJ spread the word of their location forcing the band to end their portion video shoot early.

Reported that JC has to go to LA to reshoot some scenes for TIPY video

During days off: JC recording with Wild Orchid and promo in Canada; Lance attended US Open, threw “special party” for “best friend”

Nsync, SFX Entertainment, and MCY.com are all faced with a class-action lawsuit from a Chicago-area family. Due to a 7 mile traffic jam on southbound I-53, a mother and her daughter were unable to attend the Nsync concert in Joliet on August 1. This lawsuit claims that Nsync and it’s promoters “over-sold the concert” and ultimately put their fans in danger. Many anxious girls got out of their cars and walked miles in the dark along muddy roads to get to the venue. But many only got there in time to see the last song. There is no word yet from Nsync, promoters or the Route 66 Raceway.

02 – Puffy Combs will be throwing a party at John’s Lane Farm in East Hampton, New York and *NSYNC will be on hand. The public is invited, but it’s for parents and kids.

04 – IGBM single released in UK

05 – NSYNC on TRL today talking to Carson about their scheduled performance at the VMAs.

04-05 – Chris appears on Hollywood Squares for Teen People week

06 – Other artists, such as ‘NSYNC, are a bit more cutthroat when it comes to VMA night. Apparently, despite having zillions of fans and record-breaking sales, nothing can quite fill the empty space in the group’s trophy cabinet the way a VMA could. “We haven’t got a Moonman yet,” the group’s Justin Timberlake said longingly. “There is a chance,” fellow ‘NSYNCer Joey Fatone noted, no doubt recognizing the group’s six nominations, which put the popsters at the head of this year’s VMA pack alongside Eminem. Considering the group’s dominating year both on the charts and on MTV, leave it to ‘NSYNC’s Chris Kirkpatrick to overstate the obvious: “This year, if we lose, it’s really gonna suck.”

07 – Perform TIPY/BBB/IGBM medley at the MTV Video Music Awards, win Best Pop Video, Viewer’s Choice, and Best Choreography. Kid Rock even managed to upstage his co-presenter, the famously chatty WWF star The Rock, during his time at the podium, quipping, “No offense to the Backstreet Boys, but the commercial that ‘NSYNC did for McDonald’s was way cooler than the one that the Backstreet Boys did for Burger King.”

07 – Pagesix.com reports Justin and Lance went to the US Open to meet Pete Sampras, their hero. They report Pete and the two talked about tennis and music.

07 – Nsync’s celebration party after the VMAs was held at TWIRL. The club was decorated with the Vaudeville theme. We strung 3000 real red roses at all different heights from the ceiling, the bars and VIP sections were decorated with candles hung in gold globes with flowers. Red roses were put in all around the club. The video screens were framed in red velvet curtains, like the album cover. Candles everywhere. Party guests included: Destiny’s Child, Marlon Wayans, Shawn Wayans, Keenan Ivory Wayans, Mark Walberg, Blink 182, Britney, Busta, Jermaine Dupri, Usher, Alliyah, All the MTV VJs, Darren Henson, Pink, Wade Robson, Johnny Wright, Nelly, Puffy, Jennifer Lopez, and many many more.

09 – Joey spotted at the HBO afterparty of the Emmy Awards

11 – IGBM Remix CD single released in Europe

12 – recorded voices for Simpsons episode

13 – Perform “Yo Te Voy A Amar” with Son By Four at Latin Grammy Awards in LA

13 – *NSYNC and Britney recently filmed a black and white commercial for Disney which premiered on Sunday’s Emmy awards.

13 – Following the Latin Grammy performance, ‘NSYNC will take a few weeks off before gearing up for the start of its fall tour. During that off-time, ‘NSYNC will continue to mull over its upcoming non-performance-based film project, which Chris Kirkpatrick said will likely focus on the individual members of the band rather than the group as a whole. “I think [the film will] be something we probably do individually,” Kirkpatrick told MTV Radio. “Everybody will probably do their own thing to just get the feel for it, and then [we'll] see what happens. I don’t think we want to do an “NSYNCworld’-type movie right now… The type of movie we want to do is something that expands our abilities and expands our craft,” he added. “Anything we do right now, even if it’s a great movie, is gonna be judged along with a ‘Spiceworld’ [movie] or something else that was a little overrated.”

14 – E! Online’s Ted Casablanca reports that *NSYNC was spotted in the lobby of L’Ermitage in Beverly Hills.

15 – Summer Music Mania 2000 airs on FOX, perform BBB and TIPY

15 – FuManSkeeto announces deal with Nordstrom, clothing to be in stores November 24

15 – Nsync phone cards announced, from www.9278.com

16 – No Strings Attached concert tickets for 2nd leg go on sale

16 – MTV, Nsync’s Greatest MTV Moments (R?)

17 – The New York Daily News reports the sad news that Justin’s been flying back and forth to Memphis as his beloved grandfather is seriously ill.

18 – The new single released in both English and Spanish

18 – Worldpop reports Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake were again spotted out together Monday in Georgia, celebrating at an Atlanta restaurant The Boundary with 100 crew, cast and dancers.

20 – Interesting story out of tennessean.com, as they report Britney and Justin had a great time in Nashville. The two joined Britney’s crew and Innosense in the private upstairs room at the Bound’ry for drinks, eats and tour awards. Apparently Britney and the under 21 members of the group were told they couldn’t order drinks.

21 – JC and Joey present at the Much Music Awards, win International Viewer’s Choice award

21 – E! Online’s Ted Casablanca reveals Justin and Britney are still house hunting, we presume in Los Angeles. Ted also shares that Tatyana Ali and Justin attended Continental’s new weekly Game Night recently. In addition, Justin has been hanging at home in Millington, Tennessee where he was with his stepdad at the Sonic Drive-In burger chain in nearby Covington.

22 – JC appears on Canadian TV show Musique Plus

24 – We have unconfirmed reports that the This I Promise You video release date is being pushed back because *NSYNC has to return to Los Angeles and re-shoot some parts of the video. Apparently JC was in a Montreal press conference to break the news. No official release date has been set.

25 – MTV Asia reports that *NSYNC has suffered several injuries while performing at live shows, as JC admits “Justin and me have both chipped our teeth on microphones. Joey and Chris and Lance have messed up their ankles quite a bit. Chris hurt his knee and Justin broke his arm.” He adds though, “It’s just part of going out there! Once that crowd is in front of you, you don’t think about it. The adrenaline takes over and you forget about the pain.”

29 – Nsync N’ Concert on Family Channel (R?)

29 – Second nights of tour added in Uniondale, NY, St. Louis, and San Diego

29 – Justin sighted in New Orleans at Club 735, in conjunction with Britney’s concert in NO that week

30/Sept 1 – Thirsty.com reports that This I Promise You was re-shot over the weekend, though no word on why it needed to be or when it will debut on MTV

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