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Dance Break!

Submitted by on September 12, 2011 – 9:06 amNo Comment

You may have noticed that posts here at Still*NSYNC have been sparse this month. It has been a busy year and an even busier summer. Before we jump into the last quarter of the year and the busy holiday season, we’ll be taking a brief break during September. You may still see things retweeted from your favorite fan sites and posts being made on Facebook but, we are going to try and relax for a bit.

We’ll be back in October, because there are ~ a lot ~  of things going on!



Premiere of In Time starring Justin Timberlake

Premiere of Inkubus starring Joey Fatone

Chris Month brought to you by the #1 Chris Kirkpatrick fan site, Kirkpatrick.nu- October 1-31

Chris’ 40th Birthday Celebration October 17th


Enjoy the break and join us back here on October 1 for more *NSYNC fun!

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