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JC Chasez Talks NSYNC Memories & Britney Spears at VMA’s

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From JC-Chasez.net:

JC Chasez Talks NSYNC Memories & Britney Spears at VMA’s

Coming from a generation that was obsessed with a little band called, *NSYNC — it was a pleasure to chat with former group member himself, JC Chasez as he made his way down the 2011 MTV Video Music Awards, ‘black carpet.’

The talented musician talked to us about how the “loose collar” awards soiree brings back memories o his days performing alongside Justin Timberlake, Lance Bass, Chris Kirkpatrick and Joey Fatone. Not only that, but he also expressed how proud he is of his friend Britney Spears for being honored with the VMA Icon Award at this years show.

It’s been a good amount of time since one of the most popular pop groups, *NSYNC hit the MTV VMA stage, but it was their performances that are remembered as some of the best. Chasez chatted with Hollywire’s own Chelsea Briggs on being able to relate to what the nights performers are going through, “I mean look, you think about these artists going on and they want to have the best performance so they’re a little stressed right now, but the party afterwards is amazing.”

The former band boy also told us how deserving he feels his Micky Mouse Club cohort, Britney Spears is of the coveted VMA Icon Award. “Ya know I’ve known her since she was like 11 or 12-years-old and she’s had a successful career. There’s no doubting that. And she’s had a long career ya know. Longer than most I would say in the pop music world.” Chasez continued, “She has essentially broken the rules. Ya know, 99.9% of the people that go out to be superstars don’t get to do it, but she’s been a superstar for over 10 years. So its like, she deserves a pat on the back. She’s a great girl. She’s gone through everything in front of our eyes. Ya know, trials and tribulations and victories and this is a great victory for her tonight.”


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