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Horror film Inkubus rumored to release around Halloween!

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According to the film’s Facebook Page, there is a STRONG HINT that Inkubus will be released this fall, possibly around Halloween week… meaning we will see Joey in a movie in a theater for the first time since My Big Fat Greek Wedding (#JoeysnotGreek).

Inkubus tells the story of a skeleton crew, including officers Caretti and Cole, working the final shift of a closing police station. This night takes a gruesome turn when a demon named Inkubus calmly walks in with the severed head of a murdered girl. He allows himself to be restrained and begins to confess his litany of crimes. Why? Inkubus wants his one phone call to contact the single detective who almost caught him some thirteen years ago. They have unfinished business that will reopen a haunting unsolved murder. The cops unlucky enough to be present are fated to participate in, and witness, Inkubus’ crowning achievement of murder, gore, and mayhem.

Robert Englund (Freddie Kruger) plays Inkubus. Joey plays Detective Caretti.

I’m not a horror movie fan but I’m a BIG fan of Joey! Can’t wait to see this one!

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