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*NSYNC Timeline- August 2000

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Twist cover, TV Guide cover for VMA’s

JC visits Richard Marx’s home to write some songs for the next album.

01 – End of 1st leg of NSA tour in Joliet?

01 – An emailer to Popcentric reports that Justin Timberlake was sporting a haircut during their final US tour performance in Joliet, IL on Tuesday.

02 – No Strings Attached summer tour concert in Joliet, IL (Route 66 Speedway) (with Pink and Sisqo?)

04 – “Your #1 Requests… and More” CD & video on sale at McDonald’s until August 24th

06 – *NSYNC won 5 awards in this years Teen Choice Awards 2000 held Sunday night in Santa Monica, CA for Choice Pop Group, Choice Single (Bye, Bye Bye), Song of the Summer (It’s Gonna Be Me), Choice Music Video (It’s Gonna Be Me), and for Justin, Male Hottie of the Year. Only JC, Chris and Justin attended? The show will be aired tape delayed on Fox on Aug. 22. JC spotted afterwards, eating at trendy Hollywood Thai restaurant Toi, with Bobbee

07 – An appearance in Chicago by *NSYNC caused a near riot that disrupted the Swissotel VIP dinner for the 709th birthday of Switzerland, reports Worldpop.

08 – JC’s 24th birthday

10 – *NSYNC board game released. Players attempt to answer questions about the group in an attempt to move their player pieces up to the front of the crowd and eventually backstage. The game is from Patch and is called *NSYNC Backstage Pass.

11 – IGBM Hit Clips on sale at McDonald’s

16 – Room dedication at Ronald McDonald House in Orlando; Mayor of Orlando presents key to the city. Justin appeared to be growing a goatee.

17 – FreeLance Talent Search Finals on MTV

18 – Lance Bass On Seeking Out New Talent: In addition to his part as one-fifth of the world’s most popular boy band, ‘NSYNC’s Lance Bass has also started his own business, Free Lance Entertainment, which scouts and develops new talent. This weekend, Bass will showcase five acts Free Lance Entertainment has discovered during competitions held at Planet Hollywood restaurants across the country during the past year. Bass told MTV’s Carson Daly that he enjoys working with his company because it allows him to the freedom to seek out talent in places and locales that don’t get the media attention of Los Angeles, New York, or even Orlando, Florida. “It’s basically to help artists. I develop them,” Bass said. “I’m going out there and searching cities that are usually not looked at much. I get out there and get the raw talent and start artist developing.” The five finalists will face off this weekend on MTV, and in addition to the presence of Bass in the studio audience, celebrity judges Pink and Brian McKnight will be on hand to help pick the winner, who will be rewarded with a development deal with Free Lance Entertainment.

19 – Spotted leaving Planet Hollywood in Orlando, FL

21 – Not Justin news, but too big to go unreported as The National Enquirer reports *NSYNC’s Joey Fatone has been hit with a paternity suit. 24 year old Dawn Sutton claims the two had sex 4 years ago after a concert and she’s convinced it’s Joey’s saying “Joey was my first and only, until after Kayla was born. There is no doubt in my mind that Joey is Kayla’s father.”. The birth certificate lists Joseph Anthony Fatone as the legal father though Fatone had no idea until recently when she confronted Joey’s parents with the news. An in side source told the Enquirer that Dawn is seeking several thousand a month in child support.

22 – ‘NSYNC Retooling Show For Fall Tour: If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it; just tinker with it a little. That’s the approach ‘NSYNC is taking as the group prepares for the fall leg of its U.S. tour. The group will return to the road on October 17 in Charlotte, North Carolina, and will then roll on through early December. The trek follows ‘NSYNC’s summer tour, and this time out the boy band heavy hitters are packing a few extras into their set. “It will be a little different,” ‘NSYNC’s Lance Bass recently told MTV Radio. “We’re going to bring out some Christmas songs to get you in the Christmas mood, and we will have different opening acts too.”

22 – Justin, JC, and Chris appear at Teen Choice Awards, win Choice Pop Group, Choice Single for BBB, Song of the Summer and Choice Music Video for IGBM, Justin wins Male Hottie of the Year; Bring It On soundtrack released, featuring Joey with Blaque on “As If”

24 – Jimmy Pop of the Bloodhound Gang tells MTV Asia they’re working on tracks with *NSYNC and adds “We were stunned when we heard ‘N Sync liked us, but we’re going to work with them, so that will probably ruin their reputation.”

24-29 – Travel to Japan for promotion

25 – Lance appears on Emeril Live! on Food Network

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