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Justin elevates his chilled out status

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Star Spotting: Justin Timberlake Puts On His Sunglasses, Deals With It

Posted 9 hrs ago by Nicole James in CelebrityPhotos at MTV.com


Credit: Pacific Coast News

Allow me to introduce you to this, my favorite photo of Justin Timberlake. Why is this my favorite photo of Justin Timberlake? Because he was caught in NYC yesterday putting his sunglasses on, and sunglasses are, HANDS DOWN, the best accessory ever!!!!

Sunglasses are the ultimate middle finger to anyone you don’t feel like dealing with. Sure, they’re good for your eyes and keep harmful UVB rays from like, deteriorating your vision or whatever, but they also make you look really cool. Not like Justin Timberlake, A.K.A. Gen Y’s Ultimate Renaissance Man, needs any help in the looking cool department, but still, they only help to elevate his chilled out status.

The other great thing about sunglasses is that they play a major role in the internet’s hilarious “Deal With It” meme, which is basically how you say “IDGAF” in world wide web speak. Enjoy this beautiful Justin Timberlake sunglasses photo, free of charge!

Pick up more photos of Justin in NYC at WorldofJustin.com HERE.

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