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*NSYNC Timeline- July 2000

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Through Yahoo! Auctions auctioned off 40 concert tickets, with a starting bid of $500 per four seats. All proceeds for Justin Timberlake Foundation and *Nsync’s Challenge For The Children Foundation (NY)

01 – No Strings Attached summer tour concert in Cleveland, OH (Gund Arena) (with Pink and Sisqo)

01 – ArtistDirect fan conference broadcast live online

02 – JC named one of the most eligible bachelors in People magazine

02 – No Strings Attached summer tour concert in Buffalo, NY (Marine Midland Arena) (with Pink and Sisqo)

04 – Lance appeared at the Fun Fourth Festival in Greenboro, NC on Tuesday to introduce country singer Meredith Edwards

04 – No Strings Attached summer tour concert in Greensboro, NC (Greensboro Coliseum Complex) (with Pink and Sisqo)

05 – No Strings Attached summer tour concert in Raleigh, NC (Entertainment and Sports Arena) (with Pink and Sisqo)

09 – auditions for FreeLance in Nashville

10 – Britney, Justin Deny Engagement Reports: Shooting down reports out of the British press (and eventually picked up by U.S. outlets), Britney Spears and ‘NSYNC’s Justin Timberlake have denied that they are engaged. “Contrary to what has been erroneously reported, Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake are neither engaged nor married,” the artists said via a statement released by their record label, Jive Records. “The story, which began in the British tabloid ‘News Of The World,’ is, not surprisingly, completely without merit.” Spears and Timberlake have been rumored to be a couple for some time, but neither has addressed the matter publicly.

10 – No Strings Attached summer tour concert in Washington, DC (RFK Stadium) (with Pink and Sisqo)

11 – IGBM single released in US

11 – The complete ‘NSYNC roster has been captured in a series of marionette puppets that will soon be made avail able via the group’s official online store (at nsyncdirect.com). The site is currently taking orders for the ten-inch tall versions of Justin, Joey, Chris, J.C., and Lance, and the puppets are expected to ship the week of July 25.

11-12 – No Strings Attached summer tour concerts in Albany, NY (Pepsi Center) (with Pink and Sisqo)

13 – Melinda announces *NSYNC will have 2nd leg for NSA tour

14 – No Strings Attached summer tour concert in Cincinnati, OH (Cynergy Field) (with Pink and Sisqo)

15-16 – auditions for FreeLance in New York

16 – No Strings Attached summer tour concert in Pittsburgh, PA (Three Rivers Stadium) (with Pink and Sisqo)

16 – Making of the Tour airs for MTV’s All Access week, shows Space Cowboy performance; “I’ll Never Stop” enters UK charts at #13

18 – No Strings Attached summer tour concert in Pontiac, MI (Silverdome) (with Pink and Sisqo)

18 – An ‘NSYNC concert in Detroit at the Pontiac Silverdome on Tuesday night was shot for an upcoming feature film that producers are hoping to have on screens in October. “Variety” reports that Really Big Film Corporation, a Los Angeles-based outfit that specializes in producing and distributing large screen motion pictures, is handling the project, currently dubbed “‘NSYNC: Bigger Than Live.”

18 – J.C. also said that the group was still sorting through scripts for the flick that the group was promoting during an appearance at the Cannes Film Festival in France earlier this year. ‘NSYNC, who is producing that film, plans to make some executive decisions about that movie after wrapping its summer tour on August 1 in Joliet, Illinois. “We don’t know if it’s gonna be a musical or if it’s just gonna have high music content,” J.C. told MTV Asia. “We’re battling it out, really. August is the time we’re gonna be trying to figure out what we’re gonna do. “We have a bunch of scripts we’re looking at [at] the moment. We’ll make the choice in August and then put the team together, because we’re planning to be producers and writers in the films as well.”

18 – In the same interview, J.C. noted that the band had also pulled the plug on plans for a line of ‘NSYNC-endorsed lip balms, saying that “it wasn’t us who okayed it.”

20 – IGBM hits #1 on Billboard Hot 100 Singles; McPress conference – *NSYNC, Britney Spears, Joe, and Sisqo will take part in a press conference at a McDonald’s located on Grays Ferry Avenue in Philadelphia at 1 p.m. ET on Thursday (July 20). The 4 acts got big bucks to pitch McDonalds burgers. McDonalds also is putting out make three new CDs and a home video of the bunch. Worldpop reports during this weekends appearance for a McDonalds press conference where fans begged for their used drinking cups or burger wrappers as the group consumed ate two nine-piece McNuggets, two Big Macs, seven cheeseburgers, five fries, two chocolate shakes, two strawberry shakes, three Cokes, three McFlurries and three apple pies.

20 – NSYNC Joins Hundreds At McDonald’s: ‘NSYNC managed to draw some 1,500 fans to a Philadelphia McDonald’s on Thursday afternoon for an event that wasn’t even open to the public. Throngs of fans descended on McDonald’s on Philly’s Grays Ferry Avenue hoping to catch a glimpse of Justin, Joey, and the rest as they joined Joe and Carlos Vives to announce the fast food chain’s plans for McDonald’s Summer Music Event 2000. The event was a press-only affair, but hundreds still turned up clutching cameras and hand-crafted signs declaring their love for the boy band. The guys obliged the crowd with some prime snapshot time at the restaurant’s front window, and then joined Joe, Vives, and Britney Spears (who was piped into the event via satellite from San Antonio, Texas) to push the chain’s summer music promotion. From August 4 to 24, participating restaurants in the chain will be offering three exclusive CDs (“Your #1 Requests… And More,” “The Groove,” and “The Rhythm”) and a home video featuring Britney Spears, ‘NSYNC, Sisqo, and Joe, each for $4.99. “We wanted to put out some songs that were different from the album to give people a variety to listen to,” ‘NSYNC’s J.C. Chase z told the press of his group’s contribution to the McDonald’s CDs. “We put remixes on there as well as songs that weren’t on the album, period, to give the people something fresh to listen to.” The chain is also giving fans the chance to win backstage passes to concerts by artists featured on the CDs. In addition to Thursday’s press conference, McDonald’s will promote the campaign with a string of TV ads, including one in which Britney and ‘NSYNC play a game of spin the bottle.

20 – Lance Bass tells MTV Asia that doctors advised *NSYNC that the high pitch of their female fans was damaging their ears, saying “So we have these in ear monitors now that block out most of their screaming.”

21 – Access Hollywood piece on their McDonald’s commercial with Britney

20-21 – No Strings Attached summer tour concerts in Philadelphia, PA (The Spectrum) (with Pink and Sisqo)

21 – Release of white tigers for Stars of the Wild

22 – Iwerks Entertainment Inc. is in production on a 45-minute Large Format concert film featuring *NSYNC. The film should be showing in the US next year.

22 – MTV reports that the *NSYNC lip balm that was supposed to be coming out won’t be, as JC Chasez noted “it wasn’t us who okayed it.” They also report fans lucky enough to be at the Pontiac Silverdome concert earlier this week will be part of the feature film that’s still in development.

22-23 – No Strings Attached summer tour concerts in Foxboro, MA (Foxboro Stadium) (with Pink and Sisqo)

25 – 2000 VMA nominees announced, 6 nominations for BBB for Video Of The Year, Best Group Video, Best Dance Video, Best P op Video, Viewer’s Choice, and Best Choreography In A Video, *NSYNC was in the MTV studios to help hype the awards; “We didn’t think that by this time this year we’d even get tickets to sit down at the Video Music Awards, and hey, we’re still here,” ‘NSYNC’s Justin Timberlake told MTV News after the nominations were announced on Tuesday. “I am a bit nervous,” J.C. Chasez said after pondering his group’s chances.

25 – press conference at FAO Schwarz to introduce marionettes

25 – Justin and Lance attend Jennifer Lopez’s birthday party? at the Lotus in New York.

25 – Janet Jackson and Keith Richards spotted backstage at the MSG show

25-28 – No Strings Attached summer tour concerts in New York, NY (Madison Square Garden) (with Pink and Sisqo)

26 – Chris announces partnership with Child Watch of North America; FAO Schwartz press conference with Living Toyz to unveil marionettes

26 – *NSYNC was on Access Hollywood ahead of their big HBO performance at MSG. Justin joked that Garth Brooks, Marc Anthony, and others would join them to sing We Are The World.

27 – Madison Square Garden concert airs live on HBO

28 – Performance of BBB, IGBM, and TIPY on Today Show. *NSYNC and their Today Show performance was talked about on Access Hollywood as they report a record 15,000 Today show fans crammed the streets around the venue, to witness what Matt Lauer described as the Beatles of the year 2000. Katie Couric had a rough time remembering JC’s name, first calling him Jason, but managed to remember the members names in the end.; Planet Hollywood kick off party in New York to reveal Challenge for the Children teams

29 – Sing the National Anthem at Jayson Williams Celebrity Softball Challenge;

29 – Challenge for the Children II charity basketball game at St. John’s University in New York City. Justin’s team won the Challenge For The Children II charity basketball game, not to mention they raised $550,000 for the cause. Other celebrities included: Queen Latifah, Jordan Knight, Pink, Youngbloodz, MTV’s Ananda Lewis, and pro basketball players Dennis Scott, Elton Brand, Stephon Marbury, Eric Strickland, and Indiana Pacers coach Isiah Thomas.

30 – No Strings Attached summer tour concert in Hershey, PA (Hersheypark Stadium) (with Pink and Sisqo)

31 – Justin, Lance, and Joey attend the movie premiere of Coyote Ugly

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