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JC joins Matt Morrison on stage at The Beacon Theatre in NYC

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Just… holy CRAP! That’s all I have to say! And now, take it away, JC-Chasez. net!

JC joined Matt Morrisson on stage yet again last night, this time in New York. They again performed “This I promise you” together and JC performed “Don’t stop believing” on his own.


Some pictures in the gallery here


“This I promise you” performance on youtube here

Visit JC-Chasez.net for video of Don’t Stop Believin’.

Matthew sounds much better in this video. When singers try to imitate the original instead of using their own voice and range, it turns out all bad. I’m not really a fan, but his voice on Justin’s verses were much better than at the London show. JC’s voice is perfection, and probably always will be.

Also check out this bonus video, a fun interview with some New Kids Back-up singers.








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