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Lance’s interview with Starry Constellation Magazine: Drop Dead Diva

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Lance recently did an interview with @NotYerAvgChick for StarryMag about this Sunday’s episode of Drop Dead Diva. Find the entire interview on the StarryMag site HERE.

Q) Lance, could you tell us a little bit about how you got involved with Drop Dead Diva.

A) Well actually my friend Josh [Berman] here, we’ve known each other for a few years, was kind enough to ask me to join this season and do an episode. And I’m so glad this is the episode that he chose me to be on just because it does mean a lot. You know, I think the story of Constance was something that really hit home with myself. I am from Mississippi where this happened and when I heard the news about this girl getting denied going to her prom, I actually sent cameras down to Mississippi and still have them down there right now as we’re shooting a documentary about gay youth in the South and how they’re dealing with it these days and how they’re kind of standing up for themselves. So once I knew Josh was writing an episode about that story I mean I was just so intrigued to be a part of it.

Q) So you’ve obviously met Constance if you’ve been down there. What is your take on her?

A) Yes, I did meet Constance. She’s a great girl. I think she definitely is in a position right now where people are listening and she’s a wonderful speaker and I’ve definitely gotten to know her in the last year. But not only has Constance been doing this but she’s really just kind of spiked a whole revolution really down in the South of this youth and it’s great to see all these other kids kind of standing up for themselves and, you know, with Constance kind of being the one that, you know, kind of the whistleblower of the whole thing everyone really has just jumped on board and really trying to change people’s minds in the South.

 Q) On the more personal side for both of you, can you talk about your prom? Did you guys have a junior or a senior prom?

Lance Bass: I actually didn’t get to go to my prom. I left high school when I was 16 to join *NSYNC, but I always wanted to, you know. I felt that was something I always missed out and all of my friends got to go and would tell me about it. I did get to go to my friend’s prom years later but of course I was like 21 and that was kind of awkward to be at a high school prom. But the really cool thing is when I went down to Mississippi and we were shooting that documentary it was about a second-chance prom that Constance and all of these kids in Mississippi got together and decided, “You know what, we’re going to throw our own prom for anyone and everyone that didn’t get to go to their prom for any reason, if it was they were gay, if they had to start work early,” so they threw this amazing second-chance prom and it was awesome. Constance was there and everyone and just to see all these kids of all ages come together from different backgrounds for one reason, just to have a great prom that they all can enjoy was just an amazing moment.


Q) What do you think is the most entertaining aspect of the show?

Lance Bass: …as for working with this cast I think it was amazing. I’ve worked with many casts before and different projects, you know, things on Broadway that type of stuff but Ives never worked with such amazing crew and cast like this. It was just like family already just coming in. They totally welcomed me. I love the fact that we were outside Atlanta, Georgia. It felt so great to be back in the South and to be filming down there. You know, my scenes I didn’t get to work with the whole entire cast but I did get to work with April and Ben and they were just so phenomenal and we had the best time together. In fact I’ve run into a lot of these actors before, you know, and different things and they’re just all incredible and I just really personally just loved working with Ben and April. They were amazing. And the thing I love about the show is, you know, I love law shows, I love court shows that type of stuff and this is finally one that I can watch and like. Like Josh said, you can actually laugh at it. It’s really, really funny but on top of that you’ve got amazing court cases that really just, you know, challenge you.

Q) Lance, we’ve heard that your character is quite smarmy, was that fun to play?

Lance Bass: It was definitely. You know, I always get offered to play the happy role and also just play myself. Everyone just always wants me to play Lance Bass but this was so much fun to be able to play a character that’s not myself, you know, that’s actually acting. But it was fun. When they first said that I was going to be playing a smarmy director, you know, I jumped at the chance. I love it and hopefully I’m smarmy enough.

Q) Was there anyone that you’d ever met that you based the character on?

Lance Bass: Oh, too many to name. Yeah, I mean in this business you meet all kinds of types so, yes, there are definitely some people I could definitely recall from.


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