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TiVO Alert: Joey’s invited to ‘Rocco’s Dinner Party’

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On his new cooking competition show, Rocco DiSpirito sizes up some of the country’s most promising aspiring chefs to see if they have the chops to impress at a private dinner party attended by his discriminating guests. The show offers an exciting new twist on the culinary competition genre as up-and-coming chefs are given the opportunity to throw a memorable soiree for one of the culinary world’s most influential figures. The chefs will hail from all walks of life – from restaurateurs to caterers to self-taught foodies – and the winner of each episode will be awarded with a cash prize.

Each episode will feature four different chefs who will be tasked to create their favorite dish for DiSpirito, and DiSpirito will eliminate one chef following the task. Next, DiSpirito will announce the week’s dinner party theme, and the three remaining chefs will create an appetizer and also present their proposed menu for the theme, with one more being eliminated after this task. The two remaining chefs are given the opportunity to create a complete menu and decor incorporating the week’s assigned theme. Who will create the best menu to impress DiSpirito’s guests, many of the most influential tastemakers today? Who has the attention to detail to create a flawless atmosphere and memorable experience for the dinner party? [courtesy BravoTV.com]

Joey is set to appear on the episode titled Mangia Mangia , which will be all about Italian food (something Joey, an Italian from Brooklyn knows a lot about). His episode is scheduled to air Wednesday, June 29 at 10PM  on BRAVO!

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