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JT4Breakfast:Bad Teacher Premiere photos + interviews + Outtakes

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JT4Breakfast has added a “ridiculous amount of pictures to the gallery of JT at the Bad Teacher Premiere in NY. Check them out HERE.

In more Bad Teacherness:

Justin chats about his co-star Cameron Diaz. “Cameron and I are very good friends. We still love and respect each other a great deal, even though the relationship is in a different form. Cameron is a really great person. She’s the sort of person who can make a joke that will impress all the guys in the room, but at the same time make all the women feel good too. That’s a rare breed.” Read more at JT4B.

In an interview with flicksandbits, Justin said,”This movie is just funny on many different levels. There’s the right amount of physical comedy, but really a lot of what’s funny revolves around what’s written. It’s a testiment to Lee and Gene the writors, and Director Jake. It’s like a fantastically baked cake, as an actor you just feel like you’re spreading the icing on it.” Read the rest of this interview at JT4B!

Lastly, check out the superhilarious gag reel. No really. Super. Hilarious. Okay, it’s kinda funny. LOOK! And here’s more outtakes, where Cameron snorts more than she actually speaks.

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