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*NSYNC Timeline- May 2000

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Appear on Entertainers With Byron Allen (Justin in cornrows)

Cosmogirl cover, Entertainment Weekly cover

I’ll Never Stop video released in Europe

‘N SYNC have formed two companies to assist in administering future business for them. SKEEZ, LLC. will handle the group’s touring and ZEEKS, INC. will oversee merchandising, recording and all other ancillary activities.

JC has sold a song he wrote called “Messed Around,” to group Boyz N Girlz United. It was a song ‘NSYNC did not use for their upcoming album and Johnny Wright asked JC if Boyz N Girlz could have it and he said yes.

Lance on O-Town: News from CDNow’s Miss Truth – If you think for a minute that former *NSync and Backstreet Boys manager Lou Pearlman’s latest project, O-Town, is steeped in reality, *NSyncer Lance Bass begs to differ. The group, the basis for ABC’s Real World-like show, Making the Band, is a laughingstock as far as he’s concerned. “That’s not real,” said Bass in a recent press conference. “I mean, the thing that we hate about it is a lot of people – a lot of older people, especially – that watch that show come up to us saying, ‘Oh I didn’t know that’s how you got together. I never knew it was like that.’ And that’s not how we got together. We weren’t put together by anybody. We didn’t go through a boot camp audition, no training like that whatsoever. And that’s why I think it’s really just a bunch of stupidity. And I don’t think it will ever last because the group is already falling apart right now. You just can’t put a group together like that and expect it to last.”

01 – ‘NSYNC weighs in on Eminem track: Boy band kingpins ‘NSYNC also feel the sting of Eminem, as the rapper is seen in his video clad in a superhero costume hunting down a group of ‘NSYNC lookalikes. “The lyrics sound like it’s not a dis,” ‘NSYNC’s Lance Bass told MTV news this weekend. “It’s like he likes us, but then in the video he doesn’t like us.” “In the video, he destroys us,” Joey Fatone added. However, the group knows that things could have been worse. “Christina got it the worst,” said Justin Timberlake. “I feel bad for her.”

01 – Teenhollywood.com reports Britney flew in Justin and some of her friends during her 5 day stay in Hawaii for her ABC special.

01-04 – Lance on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire, wins $125,000

02 – Euge Groove CD released, featuring *NSYNC on “Give In To Me”

03 – According to sales figures released by SoundScan on Wednesday, ‘NSYNC’s “No Strings Attached” managed to fend off a charge by Toni Braxton’s latest effort to retain the top spot again next week. The boy band’s seemingly unstoppable album sold another 248,000 copies last week, sending it well over the 5 million sales mark after six weeks in stores.

03 – Academy of Country Music Awards air on CBS. Nsync nominated for Top Vocal Event Of The Year for GMHS w/Alabama. I don’t know if they attended the ceremony.

04 – Lance’s 21 birthday

05 – Justin named People.com’s Most Beautiful Person

08 – In Biloxi, MS

09 – Sesame Street episode with performance of “Believe in Yourself” airs

09 – ‘NSYNC Dishes On Tour Kick Off: In a move that will send hearts soaring and tears falling, the chart monsters of ‘NSYNC launch their summer tour Tuesday night, and they’re promising to give the thousands of fans who shell out for tickets something extra for their money. “We’re working with some companies who have developed some new stage gimmicks and gags that they haven’t used yet,” ‘NSYNC’s Justin Timberlake told MTV News of the group’s plans for the tour. “We’re going to be the first ones to use them, and we’re very excited about it. There’s gonna be a crazy light show.” The group wouldn’t give away any closely guarded secrets, but with the pop kings bound for venues as vast as the Rose Bowl and Madison Square Garden, ‘NSYNC will have plenty of room to try out new toys. Bigger stages also mean more ground to cover, and the men of ‘NSYNC are making sure that they ready for the challenge that awaits. “We’ve been conditioning for a while,” J.C. Chasez said. “We’ve been singing and everything like that. We’re gonna do an a cappella tune in the show as well, so people will know that we’re singing. We’re going to give them a show that they won’t forget.”

09 – Start of No Strings Attached Tour (with Pink and Sisqo): Armed with 27 trucks, 12 buses, and more than enough pyro to put your eye out, ‘NSYNC kicked off its sold-out North American tour Tuesday night in Biloxi, Mississippi. The evening of choreography, pyro, and costume changes kicked off with the title track of “No Strings Attached” and found Joey Fatone pausing at the end of the opening number to offer a “Hello, Biloxi.” The show at the Mississippi Coast Coliseum saw five costume changes in all as the group performed in front of sets that morphed from vaudevillian to futuristic. The show also boasted an interactive video poll hosted by MTV’s Ananda Lewis that asks the audience to pick their favorite song by applause.

09 – ‘NSYNC and Monica are participating in a new youth HIV prevention campaign being launched by LIFEbeat, and both have taped public service announcements that will start airing this week. LIFEbeat will premiere ‘NSYNC’s spot today on its Web site (www.lifebeat.org), which will include live footage of the platinum-selling boy band taken from the “Music With A Message” World AIDS Day concert held in New York City on December 1, 1999.

10 – Some day, the weekly SoundScan sales figures will creep out of the printer and someone other than ‘NSYNC will occupy the number one spot on the chart. This, however, is not that day. The boy band chart champs will once again sit atop the “Billboard” album sales heap next week, according to sales figures released Wednesday by SoundScan. Timberlake, Fatone, Chasez, and company sold an additional 190,000 copies of their “No Strings Attached” to hold onto the number one spot.

10 – No Strings Attached summer tour concert in Little Rock, AR (ALLTEL Arena) (with Pink and Sisqo)

12 – ‘NSYNC’s Justin Timberlake edged out Britney Spears and the Backstreet Boys’ Nick Carter in “People” magazine’s online poll of “The Most Beautiful People In The World,” launched in conjunction with “People’s” annual issue dedicated to the same subject. Timberlake garnered some 263,000 online votes, 25,000 more than fellow pop sensation Britney Spears, who was the first runner-up. “The Tenth Kingdom” and “NYPD Blue” actor Scott Cohen was third on the list of beautiful people, while Backstreet Boy Nick Carter came in at number four with 187,000 votes.

12 – Justin graduates: If you break chart records and land a movie deal all before scoring your high-school diploma, things are going well for you. After racking up the kind of accomplishments that most kids only dream of, ‘NSYNC’s Justin Timberlake finally received his high-school diploma last week. Justin was presented with the diploma Friday night in front of 20,000 fans at the group’s show in Memphis, Tennessee (Pyramid) (with Pink and Sisqo). The 19-year old Timberlake never attended a regular high school, relying on private tutors and the University of Nebraska-Lincoln independent studies program. Just after the group performed “I Drive Myself Crazy,” three of Timberlake’s tutors showed up onstage with a cap, a gown, and a diploma for Justin. Teacher Chuck Yearger (who also tutored Lance Bass and was his “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire” lifeline) even delivered a graduation speech for Timberlake. That same day, Justin also visited his old grade school, E.E. Jeter Elementary School in Millington, Tennessee, and announced that he would help fund a music program for the school as part of the Justin Timberlake Foundation.

12 – Gloria Estefan’s “Caribbean Soul” special airs with BBB performance

13 – Wango Tango in L.A. at Dodgers Stadium, host and sing backup with Lenny Kravitz on “Fly Away”

14 – Lance introduces FreeLance Entertainment at Planet Hollywood in Nashville

14 – No Strings Attached summer tour concert in Nashville, TN (Adelphia Coliseum) (with Pink and Sisqo)

15 – Lance unveils label: While the boy band moves into the film biz, ‘NSYNC’s Lance Bass apparently got the mogul bug as well. Bass staged a press conference on Monday at Nashville’s Planet Hollywood to announce plans for his production company, Free Lance Entertainment, to sponsor a talent search to find new, promising country pop music artists (that’s right, country music) for Bass’ own record label. “I’ve had the dream of having my own label for quite a while, and I was talking to my manager a few years go, and he was like, ‘Go ahead and do it now while you’re learning about it,’” Bass explained. “So me and my family decided to make it a family business and we started [the label].” Bass and his label then inked a deal with country singer Meredith Edwards and are now on the hunt for new additions to the roster. “Now I’m having this talent search to help find other acts and to help new artists out there try to find deals,” Bass said. “It’s very hard out there to have the connections, e specially when you’re from cities like I am where you’re not near a major city. There’s so much talent out there.”

15 – Justin really made a bad move with his new hairstyle we think. The curly teen favorite is now sporting a new braided look, as he was on Access Hollywood tonight.

16 –Boyz N Girlz United’s “Messed Around” single released, written by JC

16 – True to their word, the men of ‘NSYNC turned up at the Cannes Film Festival on Tuesday to reveal at least a few details about the film plans the group has on the table. Messieurs Chasez, Fatone, Kirkpatrick, Bass, and Timberlake announced that they will play fictional characters, not themselves, in a music-driven feature film that’s set to begin production early next year. The production looks to be an in-house affair, as Total Film Group and ‘NSYNC’s own Phat Free Productions will share responsibility for the production. The group hopes that working with the two small companies will help them avoid Hollywood’s controlling, creative politics. Speaking with MTV News’ Chris Connelly last month, the group talked about those concerns as ‘NSYNC’s J.C. Chasez said, “So far as the movie’s concerned, even with this latest album, we wanted complete creative control. We wanted it to be solely to be about what ‘NSYNC is about, and when we go to do a movie, we want to do it our way, that way it doesn’t get cheesed out and it just doesn’t feel it’s not us and what we wanted to do.” MTV News caught up with the group as they were filming a trailer for the yet-to-b e-filmed movie. ‘NSYNC unveiled that trailer at a low-key party on a private Cannes beach overlooking the Mediterranean Tuesday night. “The group will rub elbows with the film elite at a Cannes beachfront party thrown by Paris’ exclusive Man Ray Club, and the guys are expected to show up at 11 p.m. local time (that’s 5 p.m. Eastern time) to make their announcement about the movie.”

17 – We’ll report that once again, ‘NSYNC’s “No String Attached” will hold the number one slot on the “Billboard” chart according to sales figures released by SoundScan on Wednesday. The group sold another 188,000 copies of the album to claim the top spot for the eighth week in a row.

18-19 – No Strings Attached summer tour concert in Atlanta, GA (Phillips Arena) (with Pink and Sisqo)

20 – Justin and *NSYNC took part in a low key party at Cannes.

21 – No Strings Attached summer tour concert in Orlando, FL (Orlando Arena) (with Pink and Sisqo)

22 – World premiere of “It’s Gonna Be Me” on TRL

22-23 – No Strings Attached summer tour concerts in Ft. Lauderdale, FL (National Car Rental Center) (with Pink and Sisqo)

23 – IGBM debuts at #7 on TRL

24 – Lance and Steve spotted at a Burger King

24-25 – No Strings Attached summer tour concerts in Tampa, FL (Ice Palace) (with Pink and Sisqo)

25 – Justin hosts TeenPeople’s 25 Hottest Stars Under 25, with JC and Lance also appearing

27 – Justin Timberlake was the host of Teen People’s 25 Hottest Stars Under 25 special last night. He did a decent job, made a lot of goofy faces and split the victory with BSB’s Brian Litrell. He said that he bought a BMW roadster and just got his first ticket in it. He also commented that even if there wasn’t an *NSYNC the guys would still be friends.

27 – No Strings Attached summer tour concert in New Orleans, LA (Superdome) (with Pink and Sisqo)

29 – No Strings Attached summer tour concert in Austin, TX (Frank Erwin Center) (with Pink and Sisqo)

30-31 – No Strings Attached summer tour concerts in Birmingham, AL (Houston, TX (Compaq Center) (with Pink and Sisqo)

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