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This is a Justin Timberlake *NEWS Update (insert typewriter sound here)

Submitted by on May 31, 2011 – 6:48 pmOne Comment

I have a few Justin updates so I’m going to squeeze them all into one post! Here we goooooo (I had to!)

Gallery Updates 1 and 2 give us a whooooole lotta pics of Justin out and about (can someone please unbutton the top button of his shirt? I’m choking, just looking at him) and on the set of SNL with Lady Gaga and at a golf shindig.

Grab a first look on the set of Bad Teacher with Cameron Diaz and Justin, thanks to Access Hollywood HERE.

William Rast wins the Indy 500! Kinda. Check out the real deal here.

A brief public service announcement from the Friends With Benefits website. Check it out here.

Wanna learn how to be a Superstar celebrity golfer? Study the technique! Check out how Justin prepares for golf.


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  • Vanessa

    The girl in the photo that people are saying Justin went on a “date” with is actually his cousin, Rachael. She’s just a lot older than the last time they were out and about together. But it is definitely her/his cousin.