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All Lance Everything- Sir Dance-A-Lot, Exhibit A: The QuickStep

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To the delight of *NSYNC and Lance Bass fans everywhere, Lance was a contestant on Season 7 of ABC’s Dancing with the Stars, competing with fresh faced, new to the crew professional dancer Lacey Schwimmer:

Lance Bass and Lacey Schwimmer are the wild child couple of this season o fDancing with the Stars. They have tried head judge Len Goodman’s patience to no end this season with their modern dance elements and their insistence on pushing the envelope. They’ve done everything from turning tango into the latest cool goth trend and going barefoot, both on purpose and by accident. They always bring us a fresh perspective on the world of ballroom dance, and I really respect them for sticking to their guns and keeping the fun flavor in their routines in spite of all the negative criticism they keep getting from Len. -BuddyTV.com

We  remember Lance’s vignettes, in which he woefully spoke of being the worst dancer in *NSYNC– to the point where the other four had to promise that Lance could step it up in the dance studio in order to win their contract with BMG. Dancing with the Stars proved to us fans– and Lance himself– that he’d moved out of the “back row in *NSYNC” and into his very own spotlight.

This week, we’ll highlight some of his best dances. First up… the Quick step, also known as the Gingerbread Man, peeing like a dog, and the Prairie Dog. I don’t know, blame Lacey.

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