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All Lance Everything ~ Lance + Danielle Fishel + Tyra = Oh Boy

Submitted by on May 18, 2011 – 9:43 amNo Comment

After revealing to the world that he was gay…. and then writing a book about his life… Lance spent some time on the talk show circuit discussing *NSYNC, his book, coming out and his future plans.  Most interviews were informative and interesting but one interview was “cover your face and watch between your fingers while hysterically laughing” entertaining.

SuperModel, Producer and Talk Show Host Tyra Banks pulls no punches in her interviews. She’s nosy and straightforward and honestly, if you want some answers, watch a Tyra interview! In this clip, Danielle Fishel (probably the most famous Lance ex ever) joins Lance on Tyra’s show and gushes about what it was like to date a Superstar — who was really a sweet guy from Mississippi with a great big secret.

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