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*NSYNC Timeline- April 2000

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04 – Tonight Show with Jay Leno and performs Bye Bye Bye. Justin posed with a brick of butter, supposedly his new nickname

05 – No Strings Attached released in Japan and Asia

05 – It looks like it’ll be a long ride for ‘NSYNC atop the “Billboard” al bum chart. According to sales figures released by SoundScan on Wednesday, the boy band behemoths followed up their record-shattering first-week sales for “No Strings Attached” by selling another 811,000 copies last week to remain at number one. Added to the group’s first-week total of 2.4 million copies sold, the Orlando export has now moved more than 3.2 million copies of the album in just two weeks.

07 – Lance in NY, taping “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?”

12 – ‘NSYNC Stays On Top; According to sales figures released by SoundScan on Wednesday, the record-breaking boy band sold an additional 533,000 copies of its “No Strings Attached” to hold on to the number one spot on the “Billboard” album chart. The new numbers bring the group’s three-week sales total to just under 3.8 million copies.

15 – Nickelodeon’s Kids Choice Awards, perform BBB

18 – Joe’s “My Name Is Joe” released with *NSYNC duet “I Believe In You”

19 – No Doubt, Da Brat Can’t Topple ‘NSYNC: According to sales figures released by SoundScan on Wednesday, the boy band will continue to flex its sales muscle atop the album chart after selling another 422,000 copies of its “No Strings Attached.” The new figures bring the album’s four-week total to just under 4.2 million copies.

24 – Justin and Lance appear at the White House for the annual Easter egg hunt

25 – The New York Daily News today reports that Justin and Lance spent Easter at the White House as the guests of Al Gore

26 – With sales approaching 5 million copies after just five weeks in stores, ‘NSYNC’s “No Strings Attached” will once again maintain its stranglehold on the top of the “Billboard” album chart next week. According to sales figures released by SoundScan on Wednesday, the Orlando exports old an additional 654,000 copies of its new album to keep ‘NSYNC in the number one spot on the chart. The new figures bring the album’s five-week sales total to 4.8 million copies and make it very likely that the group will top 5 million next week.

26/27 – Filming of It’s Gonna Be Me in LA, directed by Wayne Isham

27 – Eminem’s new video features a parody of Justin and the rest of *NSYNC

27 – ‘NSYNC will be heading to France in May in order to attend the famed Cannes Film Festival and unveil details of a new movie vehicle for the band scheduled to start shooting in early 2001. According to Reuters, ‘NSYNC will announce the title and plot of the film which is being produced by the Total Film Group and the band’s own Phat Free Productions, during an appearance at the 53rd Cannes International Film Festival on May 16. The new picture deal is different from another already-announced project featuring the band which is being handled by Tom Hanks’ production company. In the Total Film/Phat Free production, all of the members of ‘NSYNC will appear in the movie, though they will not be portraying themselves or be appearing as the record-breaking Orlando-based vocal group. The other, previously announced film is slated to go before the camera lens in August and September, most likely after ‘NSYNC wraps its lengthy summer tour of North America with Sisqo and Pink on July 30 in Hershey, Pennsylvania.

27/28 – Donny and Marie show, entire hour, perform BBB and TIPY

28 – shoot promo for Cannes event the following month

29 – Nickelodeon Special; mock movie premiere

29 – The New York Daily News reports Justin’s trip to Washington DC last week was because he was honored by the White House for his Justin Timberlake Foundation, which aims to improve music education in public schools.

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