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The CrankyCap: ABDC 6 – Episode 5 – Season of the … BS!

Submitted by on May 8, 2011 – 8:51 pmNo Comment

SOMEONE is not happy. And by SOMEONE we mean CRANKY. And this guy doesn’t look all that excited, either:


Here we are again. Another week, another ABDC episode, another CrankyCap. Hopefully with less fuckery than last week. That’d make a nice change.

Today’s episode in the horribly named season of the superstars is all about Rihanna – ana – ana. Get it? Umbrella, ella, ella? Never mind. The crews get help this week from Rihanna’s VMA nominated choreographer Tanisha. Which is apparently exciting. I don’t really care. My finger is already hovering over the fast-forward button. But first … [Read the rest of the CrankyCap at JC-Chasez.net!]


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