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MTV: Lance Bass discusses upcoming cameo on Drop Dead Diva

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Lance Bass is among a host of celebrities guest starring in the much anticipated episode of “Drop Dead Diva,” which will depict the true story of Constance McMillen, a Mississippi high schooler who was banned from prom for wanting to bring her girlfriend. The “same-sex prom ban” made headlines last year and is now hitting primetime with the upcoming special.

“At the core of ‘Drop Dead Diva’ is a woman struggling with her identity. She is desperate to fit in but finds herself in a body that ‘stands out.’ In the real case, a lesbian high school senior simply wanted to attend prom with all her straight friends. However, she was denied access because she didn’t fit in. I loved the parallels to ‘Drop Dead Diva,’” said Josh Berman, executive producer and creator of the series.

“I think I’m drawn to stories about identity because the theme is universal. I believe there is a point in everyone’s life where we feel like we don’t fit in–whether it’s because of race, gender, religion, body type or sexuality.”

Lance Bass–a longtime supporter of LGBT rights–will be joined by Clay Aiken, Wanda Sykes, Amanda Bearse and McMillen herself in the episode. MTV Act spoke with Lance about his “Drop Dead Diva” cameo and gay rights advocacy work.

Act: Why did you decide to become a spokesperson for LGBT rights?

Speaking out is important for me because everyone should be treated equally. It doesn’t matter what color, sex, religion, age, sexual orientation, etc., everyone should have the same freedoms and liberties. I am fortunate enough with my career that I can speak out to the masses and hopefully be a part of initiating change.

What was your initial reaction to Constance McMillen’s story?

I couldn’t believe it. I just don’t understand why they wouldn’t allow Constance to go to the prom with her girlfriend. Everyone should be allowed to take whoever they would like to bring. For them to turn around and cancel the prom instead of deal with the issue was just unfortunate and unnecessary. It also inspired me to shoot a documentary on the GLBT youth in Mississippi and Constance’s “Second Chance Prom” that took place in Tupelo, Mississippi. We are finishing up with it now.

What do you hope viewers will take from this episode of “Drop Dead Diva”?

I hope that they are happy to see me in a role that is fun, and proud to see me in such an important episode.

What organizations are you most passionate about? How can your fans get involved?
I have many organizations that I love and support. Camp Heartland, The Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric A.I.D.S FoundationThe Trevor ProjectAmerican Cancer Society, etc. People can check out their various websites and help out where they can whether it’s volunteering, donating or just spreading the word about how important these organizations are.

The new season of “Drop Dead Diva” will premiere on LIFETIME on June 19th. Tune in on July 24th for the “same-sex prom ban” episode.


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