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ABDC 6 – Episode 2 – The CrankyCap : chipmunks, kiddies and poles

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Another week, another ABDC episode, another CrankyCap. Big thank you to those who took the time to read and comment on last week’s recap. Really appreciate it!

I’m not sure I’m ready for this week’s episode. The cranky is boiling over just from reading some of the crews’ descriptions. Beware ;-)

Tonight we’re being introduced to five new crews who get the um, “pleasure” of dancing to songs by Ke$ha who’s apparently one of the “hottest stars on the planet” and fits right into this whole “season of the superstars” dealio. *snort* If I can’t think of a single song you’ve done and have to google how to spell your name, you are not a superstar.

Just like last week, the episode kicks off with a group performance. Oh, look, there are poles on the stage. Words already fail me. I’m going to pause here and focus on the pretty.

hello there, sailor

Onwards! Also, there be spoilers here so obviously you shouldn’t read this if you haven’t yet watched the episode. Just sayin’.

Click here to jump to JC-Chasez.net and read the rest of this week’s CrankyCap!

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