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ONE day until the return of (JC &) America’s Best Dance Crew!

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Image courtesy MTV.com

Ay ay! AYYYY! Just kidding.

Our long wait is over, Superfans! Tomorrow marks the beginning of Season Six for America’s Best Dance Crew, featuring the tough yet inspirational words of *NSYNC icon JC Chasez!

If you need a primer to get you going, check out Blogging Best Dance Crew– there’ s a great analysis of each crew and details strengths and weaknesses. If you like to go into each season already acquainted with the crews, this blog is your best bet.

We’ll be watching the show together as it premieres on the east coast at 10pm. Check into our new chat room HERE– you’ll need to be a REGISTERED user to log into the chat!  We’ll also post the recaps from TVGasm (interested to see if PottyMouth will like the new judge, D-Trix better than Omarion and if JC is still her fave because it took FIVE seasons to win her over!) and of course the CrankyCap will be comin’ at ya from JC-Chasez.net.

Can’t watch the show with us? Awww, but fear not! MTV (I would link them but their Season Six page doesn’t yet exist…… ) always uploads the epis the next day and you can watch them online. We also try to get a copy for viewing and screencaps because JC makes some hilarious faces.

Let’s make this season fun as we count down the crews to to find out who will be the 6th crew to be crowned America’s Best Dance Crew!

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