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Brian Littrell Talks JT and *NSYNC

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Thanks to World of Justin for this article! Such nice words from Brian of The BSB!

Is your band friends with any of the other boy bands, such as NKOTB or ‘NSYNC?
We’re acquaintances. The only ones I can say we’re really more than acquaintances with is Joey Fatone from ‘NSYNC. He and I have hung out several times over the years. He’s just a lovable guy and there’s not one bad thing you could say about him. He makes everybody feel like they’re special. Justin [Timberlake] is pretty much the same way. We’ve hung out. He invited me to his solo show here in Atlanta before, and I hung out backstage with him. I call him a kid because he’s younger than I am. He’s extremely talented. I’d love to still play some golf with him. We haven’t been able to get that on the schedule. From the New Kids standpoint, I can’t really say that I know any of those guys. I have exchanged some e-mails with Donnie [Wahlberg] several times in the past.

Was your band ever in competition with the other boy bands?

There’s enough room for everybody. There was always a big competition between ‘NSYNC and us that was really kind of created by the press years ago. Who was bigger? Who was better? Who was gonna sell more? When you look back to all the groups in the history in the pop world, there’s always somebody that’s the next best thing and life goes on. Now, it’s Jonas Brothersand Miley Cyrus and Demi Lovato. Disney cranks ‘em out left and right.


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