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It’s time for another giveaway- NSA Style!

Submitted by on March 3, 2011 – 9:43 am25 Comments

I still have a box of AWESOME at my house, which means it’s time to give some more stuff away! *throws confetti*

Ya’ll know how this works. I post something, you respond in the comments, I pick a winner. This is the prize pack I put together for this contest:

A set of pencils, a pencil case/sharpener/ruler, an *NSYNC Journal and an *NSYNC folder

These could all be YOURS, if you respond in the comments to this prompt:

What is your favorite *NSA era memory? (A note that this MAY be used in a video or post form in the future! )

Deadline: Thursday, March 10th! So…..GO!

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  • http://twitter.com/suzieqph Suzie Q

    my most favorite moment from the NSA era is probably the VMA00 performance. It was very innovative and creative. Them dancing in sync with the tv screens still leaves me in awe after all these years. Flawless performance. Classic.

  • Robin

    My favorite NSA era memory was the fact that NSA was my first concert. Not just *NSYNC concert but first concert ever. I don’t even care if I was in nosebleed. It was the best experience and I will never forget it. My mom even came along and had a great time as well. She joined me for every *NSYNC concert after that. =)

  • http://twitter.com/kenziekinz09 Jordan Weddington

    Favorite NSA-era memories (plural because a girl can’t pick just one)
    1. Joey’s crazy eyes during “It Makes Me I’ll” on the tour.
    2. The tour/Making The Tour
    3.VMA performance
    4.The fact that they were everywhere.
    5. My Justin lip balm. That stuff was amazing.

  • Sara

    oh this is easy….for like the entire month of March before the CD came out, my two best friends and I wore nothing but NSYNC shirts. We would go places just to walk around and yell out “NSYNC’s No Strings Attached comes out March 21st!” Our favorite place to go yell it out was the mall haha. We were a little nuts but we never cared. Wonder if anyone bought the album because of us,..haha. Then of course the day it came out we dubbed NSA day and we made signs and put them up at school and stuff!

    Another great memory is the guys did some kind of nationally broadcasted radio thing where people could call in and talk to them and ask questions…I think it was like March 18th or something. Anyways, out of all the people listening in US and Canada I got through and got to talk to them!! I was so excited. However it literally ruined a friendship of mine cause I didn’t tell Lance “soandso says hi,”…and the girl never forgave me! Lol!

    Oh good times, good times.

  • http://twitter.com/UAsingerKN Kristin Nicole

    My favorite NSA moment was their live concert at Madison Square Garden in NYC. My mom would never let me go to the concert, but I did get the vhs tape of their concert and I LOVED it! I still have it! I would have to say my favorite thing at the concert would have to be when they sang “This I Promise You” and part of the stage broke away from the rest and drove around in the audience. It was very personal and cool. The whole concert was just AWESOME! (:

  • Claire

    My favorite NSA memory was when they performed “Its Gonna Be Me” for the first time. The way they popped out of the marrionette boxes just like they did in the video.
    My other one is the VMAs in 2000, the way they did the tvs? That was whack! Then the way they jumped into IGBM was amazing!! The entire performance was spectacular :-)

  • Valerie Steele- Lloyd

    I have many favorite moments but I believe my all tiem favorite moment would have to be the 2000 VMA’s when they perform “this I promise you”, “Bye bye bye” and “It’s gunna be me”. The tv screens still get me everytime. How genious and creative! The choreography was probably the best thing I have ever seen them do. Plus I love the break down for “It’s gunna be me”.. ’1, 2, 3 and to the 4 I think it’s tiem to get on the floor..” HOTT! I just watched this the other day and thought to myself “I miss these guys way more than I ever realized before.”

  • Meagan18_2006

    My favorite NSA moment was March 21, 2000 when Nsync sold more than 2.42 million copies in its debut week. That was the proudest moment for sure.

  • Mack

    My favorite NSA era moment was when Bye Bye Bye was released. Probably their best video and I love watching it over and over again on youtube.

  • Elizabethjc2010

    Well actually I loved them all lol I love everything that they do no doubt about that

  • http://twitter.com/SrsBiznis Srs Biznis

    This is awesome! I would totally use that at my job in the Air Force. Gotta represent the grown up teenyboppers! :)

  • Jaz D

    My favorite memory of the NSA era was the awesomeness that was the Madison Square Garden concert special. From them dancing in white coats & scrubs for “Makes Me Ill” to Justin’s “Prepare yourself! Its the human beatbox” to them interacting with the crowd during TIPY. That concert topped everything to me, them breaking records with album sales and even the VMAs that year. They brought concerts to a whole ‘nother level that year.

  • Nsyncfan4life91

    Awww man! this website is way too awesome! you give away the best things! I love it! Thanks so so so so much for creating this site, because without you, we probably wouldnt have a real update on our beloved *Nsync men =) <3 whoever wins this, definetley deserves it

  • Lynn

    I don’t think this counts but my favorite was the 2001 superbowl 35 halftime show! where they performed bye, bye, bye and It’s gonna be me. I especially like the part when sparks flew out the ends of their fingertips! :) Oh that part was soo cool! That wasn’t even the best part. The best part was them performing “walk this way with Aerosmith, Britney Spears, Nelly and Mary J. Blidge. Best Superbowl Half time show Ever! Oh, and a few more of my fave NSA moments are 1. Finally becoming an *NSYNC fan after months of debate 2. Justin’s Fro 3. Chris with no braids 4. Joey with read highlights 5. the French toast incident 6. The rivalry between them and bsb 7. hearing my fave song of all time This I Promise You for the first time. 8. learning all the dance moves to bye, bye, bye , It;s gonna be me, and No Strings Attached and to this day still knowing them. 9. shattering the all time sales record 10. not being able to into a store without seeing them everywhere 11. recieving their posters and dolls for my b-day and Christmas. Oh, man so many fond memories oh by the way that’s number 12. If I think of any more I’ll let you know but for now bye bye bye :)

  • http://twitter.com/egp10990 Emily Pugh

    My favorite NSA memory would definitely have to be seeing *NSYNC in concert (my first ever concert, by the way!) on their No Strings Attached Tour in May 2000. I have no shame to this day telling everyone that it was the best concert I ever had the pleasure of seeing! I was only 9 years old, and my sister and I just barely got tickets due to it being sold out. Luckily though, the venue released more seat tickets so I got one! I remember being so excited, and getting an *NSYNC sticker, 8×10, and of course my beloved NSA shirt, that I still wear to this day (a child’s size 8, no less!) I love *NSYNC soooooo much. They’re my #1, yes ONE played artist on my iPod. It would mean everything to me to win this amazing prize pack! My mouth is salivating just looking at it. ;) .

  • LanceBassfan7

    My Favorite NSA Memory is when they were no refund on SNL and Lance hurt his ankle and they sang bye bye bye and i thought she knew

  • LanceBassfan7

    My Favorite NSA Memory is when they were no refund on SNL and Lance hurt his ankle and they sang bye bye bye and i thought she knew

  • Bethany

    I was unable to go to the concert when they were in town, but I lucked out and was at my brother’s house baby sitting my nephew when they first aired the Live from Madison Square Garden on tv. That was the night I converted my three year old nephew into a fan and the night before I turned 14. Best night ever. ♥

  • http://twitter.com/Syncie Anni Syncie

    Wow, you give away quite a lot of your stuff, right?! Did you see this? http://twitpic.com/461z4x My favorite NSA memory (we’re talking about the time the album was released, right?!) was actually the release of their cd at McDonald’s. Got it for Christmas. I had asked my dad to get it but he said “no”, so it was a huge surprise when I actually got it.

  • Kendra

    My favorite NSA moment was *NSYNC live. I had become a fan late 1999 and I was learning for the first time how the guys acted with the fans and how they didn’t take themselves seriously. This two hour special let me see the guys personalities and here some of the new songs for the first time.

  • Mrs.Chasez912

    Gahhh! I love *Nsync!!! They really need to come back and make a new album!!! :]

  • Mrs.Chasez912

    Gahhh! I love *Nsync!!! They really need to come back and make a new album!!! :]

  • http://twitter.com/pennylovesbtr penny pena

    wow. one thing from that great, fantastic, memorable year…… i would have to say the best thing was seeing them live at msg and then buying the dvd. i also liked the day the album came out a(duh!). oh and the superbowl was probably the best halftime show ever. the vma performance with the tv’s was pretty cool too. another great day in 2000 was the billboard awards the just got paid outfits were awesome. and there are probably soooo many more but i cant think of them.
    OMG i would do anything to win this. please pick me(:
    stillnsync.com is my most-viewed webpage♥

  • Yonni

    Remember when NSA was released and the guys were on TRL? Remember all of those screaming fans? That was ME!! And some friends, of course.

    We loved watching TRL and when we heard they were going to be on the show for the release of NSA, we decided we had to be there. My friends and I live upstate about an hour, so we convinced our parents to let us skip school (not an easy task) and took an early train to the city. We made one of our guy friends tag along (he never really recovered).

    The five of us were standing outside of TRL across the street from 5am through the end of the show. We dressed up a blow up doll in Tar Heels gear for Justin and made signs to wave. We spent HOURS in the freezing cold singing *NSYNC songs with other fans…it was absolutely fantastic…one of my favorite memories.

  • Anonymous

    Ah, my favorite NSA-era memory is burned into my brain. I was at the orthodontist all afternoon getting braces put on – perhaps my worst adolescent experience, ever. When I got home, I took one look in the mirror and was ready to bawl like a baby. As I tried to prevent myself from having a complete breakdown, my parents came into my rom and told me they had a surprise for me…tickets to see *NSYNC at Madison Square Garden! My day flipped a total 180! To this day, I don’t think I’ve ever been as truly surprised and excited at the same time over anything.

    Numerous trips to the Orthodontist: Exponential
    About 8 months of brace-face: Adolescent Cover Charge
    Lifetime supply of *NSYNC merchandise: Enough to Cover a Mortgage
    JC Chasez smiling and waving at me and my crazy “Marry Me JC” poster: Priceless!