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MMMonday! JC Chasez’s Best Moments: AOL Sessions

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2004 – AOL Sessions

As this week marks the release of Schizophrenic, we’re going to try to make you relive those exciting weeks (months?) before the album finally made it to our little grabby hands.

The AOL Sessions offered us a glimpse of what was to come. Sure, we’d all heard “All Day Long” and “Some Girls” by now but now we could hear and see some other songs that fully displayed JC’s talent and versatility.

From the reggae feel of “Everything You Want” to the absolutely heartbreaking “Dear Goodbye”, these performances showed everyone what JC is capable of. This is really a must-have for any JC fan ;-)

Enjoy and be sure to check back on Thursday when we will celebrate Schizophrenic Day!

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